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Saved data transfer for PCs via Steam

I recently upgraded from my laptop to a desktop, and when I load the BC: Nightwar game up on the new computer it gives me an old data save file. It’s an old save file from when I played on it months ago on the laptop, and it’s the first thing to pop up on the desktop, as I’ve yet to actually play the game from the desktop (Just saw the saved data and stopped there). How can I get my more recent save files from the game to move from my laptop to my desktop? Even the game info from the Steam Application via the desktop shows I have more game time and progression than what is shown.

Note: Just tried something successful for those finding themselves in the same issue.

I found the saved data file on the laptop via ( [PC/Mac] How to find Log/Save Files) and replaced the same file on the desktop (there was an obvious size difference between the files). Started the game and my current progress is there and I don’t have to start over from a much older point in the game. :smiley:

Still I would think that this issue could be worked on with Steam for better data saving and transferring from PC to PC.