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Save transfer from Steam to GOG: BC: Nightwar


Just found out that my beta version of BC: Nightwars is now disabled, so i’ve backed up my save file and deleted the beta from my PC. My version was on Steam.

However, i would like to redeem my copy of the game through GOG instead. I wonder if my save file for my beta version of BC: Nightwar on Steam will transfer to the GOG version, should i redeem that code instead?

Or should i stick to the Steam version?

If you want to keep your save games you can find them in

c:\users<username>\Appdata\LocalLow\Airship Syndicate\BattleChasersNightwar<numeric SteamID>\saves

Note that Appdata is a hidden folder so you’ll need to set windows to show hidden folders

Not sure where the GOG version will put its save files, but its probably in like My Documents or My Documents\My Games. But at least you’ll know where the source files are on Steam to transfer to your GOG install

already done.

My specific question is will my savefile from Steam work on the GOG client?

btw, its much more easier to type in the Appdata folder, then browse through the rest and copypaste the save folder to desktop.

PS: GOG Galaxy client had a feature that if you have a game on Steam that also exists in GOG, you can just link your SteamID profile to your GOG account. In this way, you can figure out which game you have on both platforms, so one does not have to buy the same game on different platforms… X).

PPS: I think its done through this website = Just log in on your GOG profile, connect your SteamID profile, then let the page scan through your library. FTM, there are none (there used to be a couple before).

unfortunately %appdata% points you to the wrong appdata folder (it goes to appdata\roaming) so if you tell people to go to %appdata% generally they just get confused where the directory is since its not there.

My understanding from previous posts from the devs is that the save files are compatible between versions. There’s nothing really ‘special’ about the steam exe that would need a separate save file structure, which woudl just make things ultra complicated since you’d be suprised how “making a save file” isnt as easy as it sounds (yeah we can totally knock that out in a few days {serveral months later} uh… maybe we just make a rouge-like with no saving?)

Note GoG Connect only works with specific titles that the dev/publisher has to approve, and you have to do it for the limited time it’s available. Its cool and all, and I use it all the time, but its utility is slighlty limted unless your’e really on top of whenever GOG Connect actually adds titles for that small window

well, i just type in \appdata after my username and then i find all the 3 hidden folders, thats how i found my save file.

for, ill see if redeeming my game on GOG then transferring my Steam save file works…

So just to piggyback here - if I had my beta uploading my saves to the Steam Cloud, and it presumably keeps the directory on my PC here, I should simply be able to add the final game to my library and update and that’s it? Nothing special on my part to get my save working/recognizable in the game assuming all goes according to plan?

If you’re getting the steam version it should use the same directory structure as the numbers is actually your SteamID. So you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Yes, once you upgrade to the full build if you’re in Steam, your old save will just work.

If you’re using GoG and you copy it to the proper directory, the format is compatible, it will get used properly.


If I’m going from the beta on Steam to the actual release on Steam, do I need to do anything to transfer my save file or will it happen auto-magically?

EDIT: Just saw the reply above my reply. Reading is fundamental. :slight_smile:

I confirme it’s working on windows 10.
Copy your steam files from:
C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\Airship Syndicate\BattleChasersNightwar\76561198086396466\saves\

in your GOG directory:
C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\Airship Syndicate\BattleChasersNightwar\user\saves\