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Save Issue / Crash

Hello here !

Sadly, I’ve been experimenting some crash here and here. Mostly, when a combat is engaged.
That’s a first problem, crash happen, but the real problem is :

The autosave system can be easily corrupted with those crash and we need something to correct this problem. After 5hours in, I’m a bit disappointed that I have to start all over.

-> A better auto-save system with a backup file in case of corruption ?
-> Disabling the auto-save system ?

I’ve been launching the game with the default settings, not the Safe Mode, might be my bad on this one, but a corrupted save shouldn’t happen that easily. It’s my opinion, it can happen but it really shouldn’t happen. Imagine after 30hours in you’re good for starting all over ?
A save system isn’t easy task, but this is why it should be (almost) flawless.

Hey, I’m really sorry that your save got corrupted! That sucks.

Do you still have the corrupted save file? Could you send it to us so we can try to figure out what happened?

Making sure saves don’t get corrupted is a top priority for us, and we already take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen. However, we have had two reports (including yours) of corrupted saves in the beta, so I want to try to gather more information to see what else we can do.

How many times has your save file been corrupted so far? Just once, or more?

NOTE: Running in “safe mode” (which is really just DirectX 9, and helps some users who are having trouble in DX 11) probably won’t make a difference for these crashes.


Sadly no, I don’t have the corrupted save file anymore, my bad.

All I can say to you is that my PC have real problem with DX11.
At the beginning of an encounter, BC sometimes crash, this time it was my whole pc crashing. When I tried to get back in the game, the save was corrupted.

It happened only once.

I’ll get back on DX11 and will go back to you if I encounter another corrupted file, thanks for your concern !