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Save Game Sync Issues

Hi, I’m playing BC on my PC and have a save game. However the save game does not sync to the steam cloud and when i tried playing BC on the go in my laptop, I could not see any saved games. Is this a known issue or is there a way i can manually copy the save game from PC to my laptop?

This is a known issue, and we’re looking into it.
You can, however, manually copy your saves.

They are located in /YourAppDataDirectory/LocalLow/Airship Syndicate/BattleChasersNightwar/YourSteamId#/saves/

Thanks a lot for your help. It worked! Hopefully in the next update, this can be resolved automatically.

Ok, steam cloud saves should work properly now on PC.


How do I copy my save file to Mac?

PC Saves are located in
C:\Users[YourUser]\AppData\LocalLow\Airship Syndicate\BattleChasersNightwar[Your Steam ID]\saves

Mac Saves are located in
Users[Your User]\Library\Application Support\unity.Airship Syndicate.BattleChasersNightwar[Your Steam ID]\saves

Thanks a lot for the help (and the awesome game) <3

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