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Save Game Sync cross platform

Hi there,

I just tested on Mac OS the beta, and was wondering if there was a possibility to sync my save game i did on my previous play on PC ?

Thanks guys

We don’t have cross-platform cloud sync setup, but you could manually copy your save file from the PC to your Mac.

On PC it will be in a directory like:
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Airship Syndicate\BattleChasersNightwar{your 64 Bit steam ID}\saves

On Mac it goes in:
~/Library/Application Support/unity.Airship Syndicate.BattleChasersNightwar/{your 64 Bit steam ID}/saves

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Yep got an answer in another thread and tried it and it works.

Cool :star_struck:

thx guys

Since we are at it…

How the save share will work for GoG / steam ? As it was sad that my save file from Steam beta will work on GoG version.

The save file format will be the same. You just will need to copy it from the directory for steam, to the directory for GoG.


Can not find the directory of GoG on Mac OS X .

Solved. It is i n the same folder as steam but instead of id number USER folder.

Thank you very much, this definitely works and you have saved the game for me.
I was almost finished the game, then it started crashing constantly and eventually not even loading.
Dropped the save file into my Mac install and no problems.