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Save File, Bestiary, Fishiary not updating Mac OS X

Hi, I’m experiencing several possibly related bugs on the OS X version of the game.

  1. When I delete a save file, the save file says invalid, and then I can’t create a new one. It tells me to delete again, but the same thing happens.
  2. My bestiary and fish journal are not filling up with entries, nor are any of the totals in my codex.

This seems like it may be a file permissions error or something, but I have not altered any of the game files, and I don’t know where to look to fix it.

Hey, @joseppe!
We’re looking at the first bug you mentioned and have a fix for it on the way. In the meantime, you can resolve this issue yourself by deleting the backup save files (.sav.old) located in the Battle Chasers save directory. It’ll be something like
\Users\YourUserName\Library\Application Support\unity.Airship Syndicate.BattleChasersNightwar\user\saves\

As for the second bug, we haven’t had any bugs like this reported elsewhere. Could you perhaps take some screenshots of your Bestiary/Fishiary, before and after catching fish/fighting enemies, so we can see the result?

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve attached photos of the start of my
bestiary and fishiary. Those images are what it looks like both before and
after fighting and fishing. This is after finishing the Iron Outpost. I’ve
attached images of my inventory and lore as well so you can see that
there’s enough progress that there should probably be something. It’s
been this way since the start of the game, and I’m playing off the third
save file.

Wow, this is strange… do you think you could you PM me and send me your save file, @joseppe?