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Runes looting place


This is a low priority bug.
After looting the runes, normally all the pillars should float in the air.
As you can see in the pictures this isn’t the case.

I don’t wanne be seen as a nitpicker, but thought you guys might want to know.

Hey, where exactly is this? I know it’s in the Dig, but I didn’t even come across that. I only did the Dig on normal, so far, so maybe only on Heroic or Legendary?

The dig on legendary

Cool, thanks. I also didn’t come across any “vessels”, but maybe because I haven’t done it on Legendary yet … although I DID do Path of Fangs on Legendary and still didn’t find a vessel.

I only found a vessel in The Dig, so yea. Complete it enough times and you’ll find one :wink: