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Rewards Recieved! UNEXPECTED Add-Ons!

Finally got my Add-on print signed by Joe Madureira…

Surprising to me was that instead of an 8x11 print signed by just Joe like i expected… they sent me the 11x17 signed by the dev team! (You guys are awesome!!!)

Also a surprise was the inclusion of the full color instruction manual (i had asked joe if there was a way for me to get one… dunno if this was just coincidence or he hooked it up.)

And of course all the stickers…

Needless to say…it pays to be patient.

I will continue supporting Airship Syndicate, and Joe Madureira for as long as theyre around making cool stuff. The game you backed, shipped and was absolutely amazing…

So to everyone at Airship Syndicate… THANK YOU, and keep making amazing games


Congrats! I hope everyone can get their pledges fulfilled! Good to hear items are still being sent out.

Nice! So glad they made it worth the wait. Alas, now I am desperately wanting that instruction manual! Anyone know how to get one?