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Resource Nodes and Respawning

Hey I am just curious what the criteria is for the resource nodes respawning on the world map is. Normally I assumed they respawned once you rested at the inn just like the mobs do on the world map. Lately I have not seen that happen. I am far enough into th game that I am in the far north where it is winter. Just trying to figure out how to get these nodes to respawn. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

Hi there!

If I understand right, when you rested at the inn, only monsters will respawn on the world map. But when you are in dungeon area (I don’t know for exploration area, I assume it’s the same thing), the time will passed, then resources will respawn overtime.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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I noticed this too, i had to complete a dungeon and rest at in to see things respawn (airships included) though maybe i just was searching everywhere hard enough for them… I had a real tough time finding those lol.

resources and shrines should both respawn after clearing a dungeon. i know for a fact shrines do. i didnt bother checking nodes to be 100% sure.

Resources nodes are the same. The only things that respawn after resting at the inn are enemies and the fishing nodes in the Fishmonger’s area and the Cantina; everything else (shop contents, airships, shrines, resource nodes) only respawn when you complete a dungeon.