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ReShade or simple way to how to make game looks much better


I’m using ReShade in many games, but in this game it is really needed. The game has stunning graphics but also very blurred.

Here is screenshots how it looks with and w\o RS:



ReShade can be downloaded here.

Download, launch, point on .exe file and choose filters. In the game, thru program interface you can set this up to what you like. You can change settings of all filters and dis\able them on the go.

I recommend those filters:

  • AdaptiveSharpen (remove blur).
  • Clarity (make colours more clear).
  • Colourfulness or Vibrance (or both, to make colours more vibrant).
    If you want more colour correction then one of those: Curves, FakeHDR or Levels.

Am I missing something?
I think those filtered shots look awful.
Like the default over-sharp settings that come on TV right out of the box.
Or like terrible over-done HDR photos.

I believe those are supposed to be “blurred” to mimic the effects of a spirit realm and fog. Doing this removes that aesthetic that is supposed to help capture the visual of what they artist were aiming for.