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Red Monica's ultimate weapon

Can anyone help me out with this? Only weapon left for me to craft, and I can’t seem to find the second piece anywhere.

Go to Pointe Break Cantina at the upper right side of the map, it will trigger Red Monika to talk and then you go fishing there.

gotta find the map in pale cathedral first tho I think

So where abouts am i heading too?

So, the first reply gave the correct answer as to the second of the two orange quality components you need. So I’m just going to walk through the entire process, though you’ve maybe done some of it.

The first thing you have to do is successfully finish the thorn maze in Wintervein (you don’t have to do the three pressure plates, that’s just for some bonus stuff) and you can do that before or after you read the book in the Cathedral. The chest at the end starts you on the map journey.

So what you do from the Maze is travel around the overworld map to three spots; once you’ve dug up the three notes and have all of the clues, you can actually find the two orange quality component pieces. The trickier one is found in the upper-right portion of the Junktown Cantina map, and if you’ve followed the map pieces in Wintervein, you’ll trigger a dialogue option with Red Monika, and you’ll “fish” up the piece you need.

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Oh…so back to Wintervien i go then lol

So…wheres that place again? lol

Well the maze i mean

Ok now i need to find “Entrailed by 3 tiny lakes”

look the world map, it’s really that easy ^^

Not so good with co-ords