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"!" Reappers in inventory on known objects

There’s definitively a bug with " ! " mark in inventory.

I just finished the 3rd Legendary dungeon.
And when I looked at my inventory after a little walk on the world map, “quite” all (but not all) objects were again marked as NEW with " ! " mark.

Screen of my inventory (order: most recent first. )

! marking feels strange, but in your case @seewen probably you just collected a bunch of resources?

Anyway I agree that marking new items is bugged, because in my playthrough I got marked character’s armor very often, although I did not find this item at the time. Definitely works strange.

Also I think “Recent” sorting category is bugged, because I expect it would show all ! marked items, but it shows all recently used items. If I changed a bunch of armor, it would order all armor pieces first in the “Recent” order, which feels wrong.

That happens to me too, but also when changing equipment the piece that is removed is flagged with the exclamation mark

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Maybe that’s what I was talking about!

No it’s not new ressources.
I just went to marchand. Bought 3 books.

When I went out, my inventory was again “!” for the most part

Thanks for the feedback, guys! That helps tracking these down considerably.