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Reading all the comics while playing the game

Anyone else doing this? It’s a bit of a mind bender. At times I have to pause and remember, “OK, wait…what story line is this?” Joe Mad & company should write more of the comics in conjunction with a new Battle Chasers game that follows…sure they have time for that :wink:

I read the whole series via Amazon prior to the game coming out. Gave a LOT of awesome, extra backstory that probably wouldn’t have fit into the game unless they delayed it. I absolutely adore the art style. I’m craving either a new comic or a new game, soon, so I can find out what happens after the original comic ends!

Well new issues were part of the Kickstarter but we’re still waiting.

So where are you guys able to find comics? I have no shops near me and the used copies that I have seen on Ebay or Amazon are insanely priced.

If you’re okay with a digital option, you can get the whole series for just under $14 through Comixology:

I admit that I am a bigger fan of physical copies, but that might be the best deal, thanks! I feel like the Battle Chasers Anthology thats in the Fishiary of the game was the worst tease ever lol

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