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Quick question about DLC for Backers

I had asked a similar question a while back when backer reward add-ons went up to pick from on our account page on but here it goes again…

I saw that there is a DLC bundle to purchase on steam, but is there any way that we can get just one of the DLC items? I opted to get the Digital Artists edition of BattleChasers #10 instead of the digital artbook because I was told there would be a way to purchase the artbook separately later on when the game releases.

I’ll gladly pay for digital artbook itself. If the Airship team can provide any feedback, I’d be very appreciative.

Thank you for this amazing game and congrats on the launch!

I’m in a similar boat. i’d like to buy the soundtrack, but moved my kickstarter reward from PC to Switch. Seems like i can’t buy the DLC pack without buying on Steam too. Is this going to be available anywhere else?

Really love the game. Like seriously gorgeous and fun. Hurt my heart to move it to Switch but it’s the superior RPG platform!