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Question from Devs: Beta Playtime

Hey all! Hope you are all enjoying the beta! We were curious how long people have been taking to complete the beta or at their latest saves (for discovering stuff after getting to the end of beta). Just reply with your playtime here. Thanks! :slight_smile:

21 hours. Went through 3 dungeons twice. Beat the 3 hunt bosses. Did the arena a couple times.


The current playtime is 41 hours, these include:

  • completed the story/beta (should be ~15-20 hours)
  • leveled each character to lvl 15
  • nearly equipped everyone completely with lvl 13 epics
  • done each dungeon in each difficulty
  • beat the available hunt bosses
  • did the arena a couple times (456 - damn it!)
  • gathered all beast perks (including Air Superiority, excluding Big Game Hunter)
  • nearly buyed all limited tomes and the special items like the note for shadow coins

That should be everything what have had a greater effect on the playtime.


ATM I’m sitting at 54h, but hit the “end of betta” at around 27h.

Atm i spending my time farming coins, searching stuff/ farming mats in dungeons etcetera…


I’m at about 26 hours of playtime. I got to the ending at about 20 hours I think. I didn’t rush anything though and pretty much always tried to explore every corner. Main party of characters was already level 15 when I hit the ending.

I think I hit end of beta about 20-22 hours I think…up to about 28 hours playing though. Still want to go through and find all the things but I’ve lost track of what I’ve done and what levels unfortunately. I have leveled all my characters to 15 though.

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I’m at 7 hours so apparently I have a whole lotta playing to still get to.

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I’m at 23 hours, and not yet finished. the Dig awaits me, and I haven’t quite cleared junktown, optional bosses keep destroying me and removing all the gold I’d been scrounging.

At the moment, I’m actually sort of annoyed at the games difficulty. I mean, I like a challenge and all, but I thought the entire point of difficulty selection on dungeons was so players could choose their own level of difficulty, but anything outside the scope of those dungeons is tuned to be hard as hell at your own level, it seems.

So far the first hunt boss and a random assortment [possibly boss or subboss encounter] on normal difficulty in the junktown dungeon have wrecked me. Three enemies, just wrecked me, and I’m getting tired of being wrecked from out of nowhere.

I then went back to run the first dungeon on Legendary with a team of level 11s, to just farm materials and junk to sell, had no issue what so ever, but then while running around outside afterward, gathering ground resource nodes and ignoring the enemies below my level, suddenly noticed an airship [syndicate vessel mayhaps?] flew above and into me, initiating a fight with only half a second of reaction time [I.E. not nearly enough time to run away on the world map] and placed me in a fight I couldn’t have a hope of winning and flee wasn’t allowed.

So, there went all the gold I’d just tried to gather in one fell swoop, and in an area that should have been safe fopr me to run around in and with little chance to avoid and no option to flee.

Frustrating. team is around level 12, haven’t gotten to Red Monika yet.

What percentage of the full game is the beta?

imo 30-50% but i might be wrong… in our lexicon (or whats it called in english?) we can see the scope of things we can find - for e.g. 4/8 dungeons.

But from player characters progression is planed at least to 30 lvl (that’s a guess as highest lvl requirement of item I had found is 28 - last reward from the Arena)

17 hours to beat the beta with some dungeon reruns and exploring + arena.

Current play time is 42 hours,

  • Completed story up to beta gate, 19ish hours as took time wandering/levelling,
  • 2-3 hours after that for just trying to find other hidden things, events/items/bosses
  • All chars level 15
  • All chars nearly in current max epics
  • done all dungeons on all difficulties
  • beat all hunt bosses except 4th one which dont think we can reach yet
  • done arena number of times
  • done all beastperks currently available,
  • majority of final time is just spamming The Dig on Legendary, to get all perk tomes from collector,

20 hours for me, but my current run time is 27.5 hours, working on secrete stuff

23 hours played.
Beta done at around 18hrs I think. That included 2 of the hunts and some arena. Now leveling everyone to 15 and exploring. Remembered there is use of the Dead Heart in Banog Cave :wink:
Really looking forward to the full game! :smiley:

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Hard to say exactly, but you’ve seen 4 of the 8 dungeons in beta. You’ll expose more side-content as you get to those dungeons as well.

Thanks to everyone for sharing this info, the team loves seeing it!


My lastest save took 13h to reach the “End of the beta” dialog, 2 more hours to level up Knolan and Red Monika to 15 and finishing the hunt&arena&other secrets, no more to see.

We’re at the half of the game right now ? I would have imagined 1/3 of it.
But if the replayability is high and if the NG+ is promising, I’m okay with it ! I really hope the NG+ difficulty will be spicy, most of the spice go away with one or two overpowered abilities.

Yeah, hard to say it’s halfway just because it’s 4 of 8 dungeons. You have a lot left to unlock! Results will vary though :sunglasses:

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Almost 30 hours in, was done the main quests by around 15 hours. Now have been looking to farm items and achievements. Still on the lookout for Wild Elemental Shard!

22 hours, just got Red Monika. I have done every dungeon prior to Junktown on Legendary and beat the first Hunt, with my main characters now at level 13. I played the arena twice (I will go back after full release) and have yet to pay the Blacksmith for the 2nd level upgrade (5k gold - does not seem worth it, although the crafting bench in town might win me over). Also ran into the blimp early and would love to see more activities like that!

Debating on waiting for full release so I don’t burn myself out, plus I want to start over to see if anything changes, even subtly, from the beta.

Loved everything I have seen so far, and have few criticisms. Biggest is ultrawide support which I hear is coming, the walking speed and I don’t care for leveling characters not in the party. I’m also still trying to find synergy with the party, as the best right now seems the original core (Calibretto, Gully, Garrison).

This is by far the best game I have ever Kickstarted. :pray:

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