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Question about New Game +

I’m getting moderately close to the end of the game and I am wondering what if anything transfers over to NG+. Is it worth it to grind out some more shadow coins to buy perk books or just use them for the skins?

Levels, gold and items get cleared.

Unlocked abilities, perks get passed to New Game+.

do you keep the perk points from the books you have used? Or do you lose all perk points as well?

You keep all of the perk points

oh, nice, tyvm. Guess that means that time leveling unused characters in dungeons for more shadow coins is very worthwhile.

Tbh… Working on the beast perks would be way better IMO. You can farm perk points in the NG+

I’ve found most of the beast perks have come easily for me so far, though I am only up to the Crimson Garden at this moment.

Do you keep your Bestiary entries in NG+?