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Question about Inn Rest Scenes

Random question: does anyone know if the inn rest “character story” scenes are dependent on the level / use of characters?

I rolled with Gully, 'Bretto, and Monika pretty much the whole game once I got Monika, and I was wondering if that meant I missed out on content about Knolan, Garrison, and Alumon. I noticed the scenes basically stopped happening towards the latter half of the game.

As far as I understand, those conversations are unlocked when the heroes become available and when you complete dungeons. You can’t miss any and the last one is unlocked after Mana Rifts.

as far as I can tell they’re not level-dependent, just depends on the party members you bring with you to the inn in your immediate party. I do believe those scenes run out rather quickly though (after a few with Alumon, the last character acquired) for like the last quarter of the game there weren’t any inn scenes.

Hmm so the party members I have at the time might matter? Interesting, I’ll try swapping them out and see if I can get new content.

It does not. I ran with the same team OP did, and unlocked them all.