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Question about Ending and NG+

I reported it on the technical issue forum, but when beating the game (also when beating deadwatch dungeoon) Did anyone else have a painful seperation between audio and visuals? the audio was WAY ahead for me and not syncing up with what was happening visually. really bummed me out. PLayed on XBox one

ALSO can some one confirm for me. If i start a New Game+ do I LOSE my original save?

Hi there!
I didn’t have your problem with the audio and visuals, sorry :frowning: (I’m on PC)

For the New Game+, it will REPLACE your current save. You will keep all your talents and skills from your characters, lore, beasts skills, and lose everything else. You will keep all characters too but they will return to level 1.

Tip: If you are an achievements hunter, get them all before start a NG+ :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I’d like to know if other Xbox users have this issue with the cutscenes or if it’s just me. Maybe I’ll reinstall.

Does the collector always have tomes on hand? Should I keep loading up on perk points? Or does he have an endless supply?

Only thing Really stopping me is the final sky pirate boss. Do I get anything worth while with beast perks that would help in NG+. Not really a completionist but do want to get as many worthwhile help as I can before starting

I’m on xbox one as well. I haven’t had cutscene issues, but I did have a bug in ng+ where the collector doesn’t sell Knolan and Alumon’s alt skins.

The collector tomes that are both limited and unlimited in supply. Each tier of tome, single person point, team point, and all characters point, has a cheaper version and a more expensive version. The more expensive version is the unlimited one. The more perk points you load up on the first playthrough will make the ng+ that much easier. I had about 120-130 per person before restarting. Now my main team has around 200 each.

I don’t know if those beast perks make that big a difference. You will probably end up with the beast perk in ng+ if you do it anyway.

Damn that bums me out. I reinstalled and the cutscene still screws up on me. Really hard to enjoy it

Why I noticed is some times are limited but restock every dungeon completion. So I did some rounds got the pirate captain and bought cheaper tomes. I started NG + and really hoping my cutscene works second time through

Hey, @J-Squared!
Unfortunately, the cutscene issue is a known problem on Xbox One, and something we were unable to fix, as much as we did try. There was no way available to us to force the audio and video to sync properly on the Xbox One video player :frowning:
We’re still looking into possible solutions. The problem will hopefully be reduced with our next patch, but is still present for now. We’re very sorry for the frustration.

Damn. Well thanks for the reply I appreciate it!
I Stand by this being an awesome game but got to stress how unrewarding it felt after beating the game.
Anyways, can I escalate my grievances to getting a digital copy on a platform that works? Switch maybe even? (are saves even transferable?)

and you may have thought about this already, possibly in next patch add a cut scene menu? would that solve or alleviate the issue? Wasn’t there some where in the game you can watch past cut scenes? I thought I remembered reading that some where but cant remember where it was. and Can I even watch the final scene there or is it only upon completion?
If I am not making that place up, does the final scene play OK through there? I cant check cause I just started NG+

Anyways thanks for the response! means a lot!

::EDIT:: Ok I found it. it was the Seer at the cantina. and when I watch the Cutscene there is DOES work. so theres that I guess.