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Purgatory Stone - New Game Plus

I’ve been playing new game plus, and I’ve been wondering why I can’t enchant anything while in Harm’s Way. I’ve completed Strongmont, but never received the purgatory stone. Just in case it was not a guaranteed drop, I reran the dungeon multiple times, but still haven’t received it. Is anyone else having this issues or does anyone have suggestions?

Have you updated your game recently? Not receiving the Purgatory Stone after your first completion of Strongmont was a known bug but it was supposed to have been fixed in the most recent patch (the Stone should just appear in your inventory, going by the patch notes).

Sorry for not specifying. I’m playing the Xbox One version of the game. I thought the patch that fixed this issue was for the PC version.

Presumably, the patch to fix it is in the pipeline. I know from other games that consoles often have a more problematic/time-consuming process for submitting a patch for a game so I expect that we’ll see that Purgatory Stone fix come for you guys in a week or two.

Hey @Sephious. The fix is in the PC version but isn’t in the xbox version yet. :frowning: