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[PSA] - KS Backers Redeeming Steam Game And Backer Rewards

Hello Fellow KS Backers

If you are a KS backer and want to get your Steam key and other Backer Rewards here’s a bit of a walkthrough. This really only covers steam since that’s the platform I choose.

Note I’m not a dev and am just showing everyone how I did it. If something is wrong please let me know but don’t yell at the devs because some rando on the Internet got something wrong!

Choose your Platform

On your BattleChasers account page you will see new options to choose the platform you wish to get for your game. You will need to choose your desired platform. In this case Steam! Haha

Once you select steam you’ll need to double confirm you really really want to do so. Once you do, no takebacks so be sure you want the Steam version and not a different platform. Steam/GOG/Console whatever you choose its the right choice for you!

Redeem The Main Game

Once you select Steam as your platform go back to your account page and redeem the main game. Like in the beta you’ll get a steam key which you can redeem in the client

Redeem Other Digital Rewards

Note any other rewards are NOT REDEEMED ON STEAM. They are redeemed in-game

So if you copy/paste those codes into steam you’ll get an error saying its invalid

Dont panic

To redeem those special rewards:

  1. start game
  2. watch ULTRA COOL Intro movie!!
  3. Press E to start game
  4. Select “Extras”
  5. Select “Enter Code”

Here is where you will enter the code. Unfortunately copy/paste doesn’t seem to work so write it down or alt-tab around to get your rewards

How to Use Your Rewards In Game


  1. Go to your Inventory (I)
  2. You should see a black book called “ChaosEater”
  3. righ click->“use”
  4. You’ll get blueprints to craft ChaosEater at various levels

Explorer’s Item Pack

  1. Go to your Inventory (I)
  2. You should see a green chest called “Explorer’s Item Pack”
  3. righ click->“use”
  4. You’ll get a bunch of items added to your inventory

Alternate Portraits

  1. Load a Save game - you must be playing a game for this, dont use the main menu options as the option doesn’t show up there
  2. press “Esc”
  3. Options
  4. Game Options
  5. Alternate Portraits -> On

PS4 Update Game To Redeem Codes

If you’re on the PS4 ensure your game is updated to 1.02. Then your code redemption will work


Yeah the whole crafting thing for Chaoseater is neat but bums me out since it was specifically called a “weapon skin for Garrison” in the Kickstarter. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s still relevant for most of a playthrough assuming you craft them all, but I’d hoped to just slap that appearance on anything I get.

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I’ve tried redeeming my codes in-game on PS4 but I don’t get any agknowledgement that it’s actually worked and I’m not sure it has. Any clues?


Same here…I can’t get my codes to work on PS4. Any insight would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

My understanding is that the process is more or less identical on the PS4

Remember to use your code in the Extras menu

Also note that to see your benefits, you have to be in the actual game. The Custom Portraits dont work on the main menu options screen, only if you’re actually in a game.

Also for the PS4 you need to be on 1.01 so make sure your game is fully updated

Can anyone give me any details on this stuff? Like, what’s in the Adventurer’s Pack exactly? How do the portraits come into play? Is they Chaoseater upgradeable, cool, useful, etc?


I only have access to those 2 packs so I can’t comment on the other stuff

The portraits show up in the map view, and in your party/inventory view.

The Chaos Eater is craftable, and had like 3 different levels you can craft which is nice so you don’t get the sword at level 1 and then immediately replace it with something else :stuck_out_tongue:

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I selected redeem for the Chaoseater but didn’t receive a code to redeem in-game and now that I look at my inventory on Airship I don’t see it available? What step did I mess up?

On the bright side I was able to redeem the Explorer’s Item Pack and Exclusive Portraits without issue.

Once you redeem, it moves the item to the bottom of the list. Check there.