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[PSA] - DO NOT PANIC Beta Keys Revoked Notification

If you were part of the Beta test you may have just received a notification about the beta being revoked


Nothing bad will happen to your account as a result. Its just the beta keys being removed from your account.


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and where are the release ones?

Will the full game support linux as was originally promised?

Its not there yet. It will show up tomorrow

On Tuesday when you visit your inventory, backers who want Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or codes will see their codes! Redemption instructions will be included if you’re unsure how to redeem a digital code.

Damn i want to play it :frowning:

The game comes out tomorrow so dont’ fret :slight_smile:

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is there a specific release time?

or just randomly tomorrow check account for key?

Furiously pressing F5 is a valid alternative :wink:

Release time: We’re working on getting an answer on this.

It’s tricky because there’s Steam, GoG, PS4 and Xbox involved.

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Soon™ … extra lines

Still haven’t gotten my real key. Any updates?

You should check your profile for your key