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PSA: Airship Pirate Bug

Hey all! We fixed a bug with the airship pirates that was keeping them from spawning but we discovered another part of what was causing them to be so hard to find sometimes. They are meant to respawn everytime you complete a dungeon, but what is also happening is that if you leave the game or enter a dungeon (and the worldmap is unloaded), they will also be unloaded until another dungeon is completed. A fix is in the works, but in the meantime, if you are looking for the pirates, be sure to do so right after finishing a dungeon. Sorry guys! Hopes this helps some of you achievement hunters though.

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This has been fixed in the latest patch

Small note. I got a bug.
In fact I used 1 portal and was teleported just on the Airship.
The battle started straight away and after the battle all my characters were invisible on the map.
I was able to move but not able to see the team.
Fortunately using the portal again fixed the situation.

It occured to me too. I think (not sure) that my team was under the map.