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PS4 Themes and Avatars

This was discussed a little in a different section, but im really hoping that us backers will have access to the battle chasers theme that you get by preordering on PSN.

Maybe even a special backer theme?

Also, any plans for psn Avatars?

I love and still use my Joe Madureira Darksiders II avatars, and would kill for Joe Mad Battle Chasers Nightwars avatars. Id even be happy if they just used the in-game portrait images.

But yeah, Really hope backers can get that preorder theme, and avatars would be amazing… Thanks guys!


I’d like to second this and request, and honestly - since I’m not planning on getting the PS4 version - I’d even be willing to shell out a few bucks for the theme and some avatars. :slight_smile:

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Oh, man! So much YES to releasing some avatars! I would change my avatar to Calibretto so fast and keep it that way forever! Please, make it happen!!! :blush:

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Definitely! Backers should receive the preorder theme as well. Won’t take no for an answer! :slight_smile:

Great idea, would love some avatars more than the theme, but either would be welcome.

Absolutely! I was disappointed to see the preorder on PSN came with a theme as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it.

Side note: I still rock my Death avatar too. Nothing has topped it since I bought it.

Now that the game is out and the codes did not include the theme, any word if we’re getting it?
I’d be disappointed if the backers couldn’t get it.

Would love this also. Is there a video of the theme anywhere? Curious what it is, would love the main menu screen if the camp fire with the music as a PS4 theme. I’d pay for it if I had to.

While I agree with this, as if you’re any sort of enthusiast for the PS4, you probably know that Sony is the culprit behind this kind of thing usually, and they make EXTENSIVE use of it. Nearly every very good dynamic theme with music, icons, different backgrounds, and transitions, are exclusive to some kind of digital pre-order.

There are a few exceptions - the awesome Dark Souls III theme that used to be Japan-only and has a remixed version of Slave Knight Gael’s theme with a super cool scrolling dynamic background did come to EU and NA.

That said, most of the really nice themes are pre-order of digital games or just owning the digital game. I missed out on the Dark Souls ones and the awesome NieR: Automata one because I bought the physical limited editions of those games.

So here, it may be that this was some kind of arrangement made with Sony for the digital publication and thus it’s Sony’s call - though Airship made the theme and owns the BC IP (presumably) I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how this turns out.

Airship knew about the theme. Even if they made a deal nobody is stopping them to make another theme for the backers, so at least we don’t feel left out.
We all technically preordered the game, so it makes no sense to miss some of the content.
So yeah whatever happened behind the scenes nobody is saying anything making Airship looking like they don’t care.
I agree they were good until now, and pretty transparent, so I’m hoping they’ll say something about this soon.

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Well, it isn’t about whether they knew about it; of course they did. It’s likely they either made the theme or had to authorize use of the art assets for it.

The point is that this is almost certainly part of the publishing agreement with Sony, which has specific and presumably rigid terms based on what I’ve read and heard from folks - and there’s a disconnect here - technically, we in fact, did not pre-order the game with Sony, because you didn’t pre-purchase it through Sony’s own store and directly contract with them, you paid Airship directly via the KS campaign and they roundabout provided you the key for your game.

It sounds silly, but I mean, it is actually different. Super common thing with Sony; they constantly do this with themes, certain DLC items, (costumes mostly, and many never come out later for people who didn’t pre-purchase or purchase digitally) and so forth.

Finally, and I think most importantly, the theme wasn’t part of the stuff you got for backing the game on Kickstarter, so there’s literally no reason to expect to get it. It’s an item exclusive to purchasing the game from the PSN store, and wasn’t mentioned in the campaign or in any of the tiers of backer items. We got things like Chaoseater, combat portraits, and the like.

And I say again - I would like to have it too. It pains me to this day that I couldn’t get the NieR Automata pre-order theme as it is arguably the best one I’ve seen, and is significantly better than the ones that came out later for everyone to download, but I wasn’t about to play Sony’s game and buy their digital copy AND the 200 dollar black box copy from Square-Enix, but that’s just how it goes unfortunately. Sony’s tight-assed with the pre-order PSN bonuses 90% of the time.

I bought the ps4 version and the theme is subpar. It’s not animated, just two still screens. I’m hoping for better theme like yesterday. I will pay promptly if it is available anytime soon.

Just a screen for base and one for up?

Does it have customized/themed icons for the system icons in the top row?


No bro, generic icons and no music… Super disappointing…

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Well then its good that we can use custom backgrounds… I guess itll have to do for now.

(Still want some bc avatars though!)

But hey Airship… If you guys end up having time to throw a theme and avatar pack together… I will totally throw money at it… Dont even care if it costs… I just want it (read: need it)

Yes atleast… The hd wallpapers we got as backers are better than that theme smh…

Yeah im guessing a marketing team intern at thqnordic tossed it together, i know airship didnt have anything to do with it…

But these guys have been amazing here, and hard at work ironing out bugs… And getting backer rewards out… I wouldnt write off a potential theme/avatar set from them just yet

Dude, that’s a huge bummer. On one hand, definitely makes me not care as much that I didn’t get it, but still - kind of expect it to be as good as the game is and have all that shit. Game has great art and music so it’d have fit the theme just fine.

Thanks for the details.

It’ll just be one of those things I suppose.

I rotate between the Bloodborne one I got with my FuturePress book and the Dark Souls III Ringed City one; I mostly pick the themes with good music and custom icons. Hopefully a Nightwar theme that had some breathing room to get made will pop up eventually. I’d drop a good 2-5 bucks on a nice dynamic with the overworld music and icons and whatnot.

Portraits seem likely, though it still bums me out only DS2 got them, as I would’ve liked one of War.

Yw. Yeah hopefully we’ll get something good soon. The game deserves rpg of the year imo.