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[PS4] The Gentleman Hunt Issue

I am running into a problem trading the dignified top hat for the top hat. The man with the top hat in the cantina does not have the dialogue option for trade. I have multiple copies of the dignified cane in my inventory as it respawns every time I visit the red grave. I also have the dignified monocle, and the fairly dignified top hat that was bought from the collector. Is there a trigger or something I’m missing?

I am on PS4 running version 1.03.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am also having the same issue on the Xbox One

I have the same issue on Linux (although only 1 crane instead of multiple ones).

Did any of you guys find out, how to fix it?

You need to read the lore about the weapon you’re trying to create in the Cathedral. Your characters have no way of knowing what they’re exactly looking (or trying to trade) for just yet.

Thanks, that did it.