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PS4 redeem code outside US and EU?

My PSN regione are not US nor EU,
If I would like to choose the PS4 platform for redeeming
will it be possible to have the code for other region (ASIA) ?

I like to know to, but my region is (Mexico)


You can create another PSN (US) account on your PS4 and use that account to redeem/download US codes and games.

I moved back to Asia from Canada a few years back, got new PSN (ASIA) account as primary, and now I’m using my (US) account to redeem/download Battlechaser onto my machine and then play the game on my primary account.

Yes, I knew that create another PSN (US) to redeem Battlechasers is a way,
but I’d like to redeem on my primary ASIA PSN account,

and I saw there will be retail physical version available in ASIA soon
so I want to ask is there any chance there will be a new choice for ASIA PSN account in the future ?