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PS4 PRO Frame Dropping/Stutters

Bought the game a few days ago as a Digital Download on my PS4 PRO, it seems really fun and I really want to enjoy it but I’m getting an awful lot of stuttering/hitching in just about every part of it.

It’s happening in battle, on the world map, even in menus. The sound never cuts out but animations are frequently interrupted, sometimes I’ll get through a battle with no hitches but sometimes several times and there have been times when walking on the world map or in dungeons that it will stutter for half a second causing my character to seemingly teleport.

Annoyingly last night it kept happening while I was selecting skills in battle so as I was pressing down on the d-pad the game would occasionally stutter and it didn’t register the input.

I did read about some issues like this on the steam forums which is the main reason I picked it up on my PS4 as I assumed the console version would be a bit more stable…

Now unlike others I’ve had no actual crashes, it’s just the dropped frames thats driving me up the wall.

I’ve only actually had my PS4 for a couple of months, no other problems with anything else.

~edit~ Thought I’d try turning off boost mode and I initially thought it was performing better, but after a while the stuttering came back.