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[Ps4] Performance increased significantly!

I just signed in to play and had a pending download update for the game. Not sure what else was addressed but I IMMEDIATELY noticed the fights moving much smoother and the graphics looking slightly more polished. A very welcome surprise!


Hi there!

Haha, I really appreciate this kind of comment :slight_smile:

But I think you should have to put it on Feedback instead of “Technical Support”, my two cents :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy the game!


didnt know the patch was out. usually they announce it here. Maybe Sony jumped the gun while they were not at work.

@Gladstan are you on the pro or standard ps4?

Apologies for missing the patch notes! Simple human error. They’re available now:


Standard. Looks like the patch notes have since been released!

@Gladstan are you getting any stuttering from time to time? I’m wondering if it’s my ps4. i’m getting 60 fps but from time to time such as when an enemy or I connect with an attack the game will stutter at that moment then go right back to normal.

@Clavitz Actually, I am! I just signed back in to make that post, but hopefully the devs will see it here. After about a 20min play session it became constant through every fight. I restarted and I’m back playing again now, so I’ll see if it keeps happening. @ortizgames

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Still happening and actually is stuttering when not running smoothly.

they are almost there. If they can fix this in the next patch, it’ll be golden to me.

Amen. Even with the glitches and pain points, this is the most refreshingly different game I’ve played since Bastion years ago!

same here. I come from the Final Fantasy turn based games is nice to have something that doesn’t just have basic attack and generic abilities.

Like others have mentioned, I too am noticing some stuttering. Where it’s walking around the overworld, dungeons or in battle. There is some serious stuttering that was not there before this last patch.

Are you on PS4 Pro or PS4, @AttnDefDis?

The stuttering appears in patch 1.02 for me on classic ps4

And fix the pink screen issue still happen often …