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[PS4] New Patch 1.03 Live! (v. 23207)

Patch 1.03 for PS4 is live! This smaller (210MB) patch is laden with goodies. The build number should be 23207. Patch notes are below:


  • The elusive Belevros has made more of a permanent home in Deadwatch, and should now always be able to be found when sought.
  • The Endless Arena should now work as expected, with climbing enemy difficulty, boss waves and climbing multipliers!
  • Less excitingly, Battle-length buffs do not last indefinitely in Endless Mode anymore - every Phase counts as a battle for Buff purposes.
  • Liches now tire of spawning skeleton minions a little more realistically.
  • The Unstable Bomber will no longer traps players on the Victory Screen, thus allowing it to keep its place as the most rewarding screen in the game and not the most frustrating.
  • Garrison’s upgraded Warblade now only consumes up to 60 Overcharge.
  • Legendary dungeons are now available in your first playthrough of a Dungeon (though we ask to verify you’re REALLY SURE you want to do that to yourself)


  • Various bugs fixed in Localization, including persistent HTML issues in the French language.


  • While ending the game after the Credits seemed ironically appropriate, additional care was put into place to prevent crashing there.
  • Polished switching out characters after Party Select in order to prevent crashes related to memory.
  • Added potential fix for a hang in Path of Fangs when returning to the Lycelot Traitor.
  • Fixed a crash on trying to play videos while holding Skip.


  • There wasn’t enough detail about what you were crafting in the Crafting section of the Compendium because there was a part of the view missing! More stat detail can now be toggled to see how crafted equipment might affect heroes!
  • Additional messaging is shown on the PS4’s game boot to indicate to players when the game boot is being held up by network traffic.
  • Code entry on PS4 should now work as intended regardless of whether a player enters a code before or after playing on their save file.
  • We fixed an issue on PS4 where corrupted save would break save files that were below/after them on the Save screen.
  • Font sizes in the combat screen have been increased so that you may recline luxuriously at a greater distance from your screen.
  • Last line of the Combat Abilities view should no longer be cut off.


  • Framerate increased 60FPS in Combat, World Map and Menus on PS4 Pro.
  • Framerate increased to 60FPS in Combat and Menus on PS4.
  • The game now runs properly on environments in the Turkish language.
  • We fixed an issue where you could get stuck on the main story quitting while/after fighting the Bandit Messenger.

Awesome! Thank you very much, ortizgames! o/


Nice, thanks much! :slight_smile:


Amazing update!

FYI - The larger text in the combat UI (which is greatly improved!) does trail off my screen in some instances of longer ability descriptions, e.g Monika’s “Riposte.”

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I have had two crashes so far.

-exiting out of combat after victory
-loading up Junktown for the first time. Difficulty:Legendary.

@Gladstan You can scroll down to read the rest using the R3 stick! Sorry that’s not very clear in the UI :confused:


@Clavitz There are still crashes that can occur after playing without shutting down the game for an extended time that we’re looking into. Had you been playing for a while?

I haven’t seen any reply on my previous thread nor has it been mentioned here, so I will ask here;
Have the trophies been glitched; i.e. they pop instantly instead of 2-3 days later (if they even pop at all)?

@SpiritReacher: Trophies should be awarded immediately. Certain trophies are not being awarded, so we are putting in fixes in order to award trophies you are supposed to have retroactively.

Can you tell me which trophies are known to be “bugged”. This way I can check if these are the same ones I’m missing.

@ortizgames yes…i have been playing for an extended period of time

it’s just too fun to put down.

ill keep this in mind though.

found another bug which involves enemies “inside” the terrain.

so i’m in junktown and a wargolem aggros me, it on a lower flow but trying to go up the stairs and it doesn’t end up going up but instead through and gets stuck under the floor beneath me.

there is a temporary fix though. exit the dungeon and re-enter and the mob will be back where it was when it spawned initially.

Pink screen and random crash are still in the game i find specially hard to believe the pink screen issue is still in the game after all the feedback you get…a totally pink screen during CG making the game crash soon after probably mean something for competent devs , no?

you need to be more specific. which cutscene was it? were you mashing the dialog before it or let it go on it’s own?

Just received my first pink screen (first cut scene of Verus in the crimson garden). Edit: Just crashed in Crimson Garden about 10 minutes after the pink screen.

Also got “stuck” in Deadwatch earlier, after interacting with a shrine. It was almost like a boulder appeared out of no where and wedged me in between it and the shrine. Had to reboot.

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I’d like to report that the Slime King hunt needs an exp nerf. Basically remove exp gained from any added slimes.

I just leveled from 17 right to level 30 with about 30 minutes of work lol.

Pink screen can happen at every cinematic, from what i see it seem to happen a lot more when i redo dungeon but don’t quote me on that because all the crash seem so random

The game ALWAYS crash soon after a pink screen.

This is the most common issue people have reported and this is still in the game, spending more time reloading the game and running to the boss instead of fighting the boss himself is totally game breaking for me.

Seriously can we still hope for a fix at this point? i want to finally enjoy this game and you won’t suffer from my english anymore …

Great work guys, will download the update and check it out later today. Will get back to you if I discover anything.

Yeah great work guys from a totally broken game we have a less broken game at least can we have a word saying you still try to fix the issue because after a month and 2 patch this is a little worrying?

What is truly sad is you have make a really good game held back by unpolished bugs and crashes.