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PS4 LAUNCH ISSUE - Screen Goes Black

So it didnt work. again.
i just recorded a video. Let me know how i can send it to you

Here you go the video of it not working:

please come up with a solution. im a kickstarter backer and been waiting since the beginning!

ill keep upping this until someone gives me a satisfactory reply.

I’m really sorry! We’re kind of at a loss on this one. This is the only time we’ve heard of this happening, and we don’t have any way to reproduce the issue here so we can look for a fix.

Do you have problems with any other games?

Do you have plenty of empty space on your PS4?

@Hooper @strangelove

fair point but i paid before the beginning and not getting anything in return until now

i dont have any problems with any other games. Digital or with disc. They play fine.

I just checked and there is 108gigs of free space on the PS

hey @deathmasx. Do you have any external USB’s or harddrives plugged into the ps4 or any other programs running in the background?

hey @Airship-Steve

no i dont have any External USB’s or harddrives. No background running programs.

This may be a silly question, but have you restarted your PS4 or do you leave it in sleep mode when you are done playing? (i dont think i’ve restarted my ps4 in months). If you usually use sleep mode, maybe try powering off the ps4 all the way and then turn it back on.

I always shut it down when im done playing. Dont use sleep mode usually unless im downloading something. and ive restarted it many times since this error with Battle Chasers

Hi all

please dont let this slip. Im really looking for a solution from you guys. Im ok with a PC code. Just please hear my cry for help!!

I think its about Turkey. Cause i am from Turkey and have same problem.Someone send msg to me about same problem and he is from Turkey too.

Bu arada adam ilk defa duyuyoruz demiş.8 günden beri uğraşıyorum.Mail yağdırdım heriflere.Adamların kendilerinden haberleri yok. Sacma salak geçiştirme cevaplar veriyolar. Surekli uplıycam . Seni baya sallamıslar. Belki bi cozum bulunur.

Thanks for this info, @Tutakamuru; that may be a clue. We’re looking into this.

ok i am waiting. Thanks for reply

@Tutakamuru: If you set your PS4’s language to English, does the game launch for you?

i just changed it to English and it worked. it has launched after a few seconds from the initial "all the heroes starting screen"
thank you guys!

if you can, please patch this so the new buyers from Turkey dont get this problem.

halloldu ingilizce yapınca. saçma ama yani :slight_smile: yalnız save bug ı varmış ben yeni patch gelene kadar yine de oynamicam. crash olup save in gidiyomuş.

Yes, we will. I’m hoping to get it in the next patch; if not, sometime after that. Sorry about that!

Also be sure to backup your saves to USB or the cloud; we still have the crash bug which can cause your save to get corrupted if you crash while saving. (Patch coming soon.)

Yeah its working now :smiley:

Moralimi baya bozmustu.Acilmasi bile yetti:smiley: halloldu sonunda oh be