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PS4 Issue - Trophies Not Unlocking

I’ve been playing for many hours and have yet to have a single trophy pop on PS4. I looked at the list online, and this includes any story related trophies. I just completed The Iron Outpost and have completed other trophy activities such as crafting an item. Any idea what might be going on?

Hey, @mrfreeman997; that would be concerning for me, too! Sorry this is happening to you. :frowning:
Are you playing connected to PSN? And what’s the build number you see on the Main Menu, in the top right corner?

Hey, I have sadly the same problem. I am roughly 20 hours in the game and not a single trophy has been unlocked so far. I deleted and installed the game several times, but nothing has worked so far. I even started the game on different saves, but no luck. The game is on the newest patch and the ps4 is connected to the PSN all the time. Seeing that the majority of Players doesn’t have the problem I wonder what is wrong here. Any Idea?

Thanks in advance and for the really fun game.