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PS4 is extremely laggy, gets worse the longer you play

So I acquired a copy of Battlechasers on PC to try it out to see if I would like it, which I did, so I used some money I had for a gamestore to pick it up on PS4 Pro around January 5 this year. Right from the start of the game I noticed it was extremely laggy, constantly locking the video up for a second or 2 but the audio would never cut out. I double checked to make sure my system and game were up to date and they were, so I just continued playing since it was still playable just very slow. After a few days of play I got to the tavern where you get Knolan, and upon entering Junktown my game crashed. I shut down my PS4 and came back to it later and noticed the performance had significantly increased, but there were still some brief pauses in the fps but not the audio. It seems that the more I use Rest Mode on the ps4, the worse the locking up gets. None of my other games are affected and everything is up to date and I haven’t been able to find any recent threads on this within the past month or so. Is this still a work in progress or do I just have to put up with it? The game seemed to run perfectly fine when I had it on PC.

Sorry that’s happening! I don’t think we’ve heard of this issue happening before.

Could you PM me a video of it being laggy?

I noticed this problem too. I just spent the weekend playing Battle Chasers and after a few hours I had to restart the game to get it to run smoothly. I also play on a PS4 Pro with a 4k TV and I was very suprissed to see the fps drop during Red Monikas execute ability and sometimes just out of no where.

Had this issue in just 1 area but it cleared up after defeating a few enemies.