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PS4 Feedback, Day 1

So after almost a full day of play, I have the following bits of feedback, suggestions, requests, and possible bugs to report.

@Airship-Steve @strangelove and all of the other AMAZING people that have had their hand in this game. I want to say from myself (and I’m sure everyone here) a great big THANK YOU!!!

  • I tag you two simply because your’s were the only ones I could remember off hand… not to leave anyone out.

So, with that… shall we begin?

Feedback, Suggestions, Personal Requests, and possible Bugs

So, the game, in it’s entirety (after only a day of playing) is hands down a 8.5 / 10. The only reason it looses points is due to technical issues, personal gripes, and possible bugs. The artwork is breathtaking, the music track is a perfect fit, the ambient noise at times gave me a calm and relaxing feel, and the voice work… they did an amazing job as well. They truly fit the character they brought to life. If I could, I’d congratulate them here as well.

So with the amazing positive out of the way, lets get to why this game did not score a perfect 10 (mind you, it saddens me that I could not give it so).

In Battle UI The main problem I have here is everything on the bottom 1/4 of the screen - party info, action window, and enemy info.

  1. The text overlay that displays Health and Mana for both sides is quite small, and unless you are close up, very hard to read.

  2. The ability window seems a bit, squished. Some of the text is easy to read, while other parts… again if you are close.

    • Suggestion: Can we increase the UI size of just that portion of the screen by 15%-20%?

Load Times HOLY LOAD TIMES BATMAN!!! This took away a full point by itself…

  1. When starting any encounter (be it world map or dungeon). The battle screen pops up, one or two skulls appear above the red X and then lag begins. After anywhere from 5-30 seconds, the 2nd or 3rd skull appears, and a red loading bar replaces it. This bar can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 70 seconds (being the worst currently) to load combat.

  2. After the combat spoils screen, we get the auto-save icon in the bottom right. This takes anywhere from 20-30 seconds consistently to change screens back to where we were (map / dungeon / etc…).

  3. Initial start up of the game. After making your selection to continue, the load screen to get into the game itself. At minimum it’s taken about a minute, at most… just shy of 5 minutes.

  4. Screen change (map to exploration zone, different rooms of exploration zone, etc…). There is either 0 load time, or almost 2 minutes of load time. Sadly, there is no in between here.

    • I really do not have any suggestions on how to fix this issue. And it is an issue, one I’ve seen cause many a gamer to leave games entirely.

Inventory / Journal Bug (possible) Switching between tabs using the R2 and L2 buttons. There is sometimes a delay (a second or two) and sometimes it does not scroll at all. This is not even close to constant, but it has happened enough to be noticeable.

  • This could be a response issue with my controller (I’ve only used the one so far) or this could be something else. Sadly, no suggestions here either.

-1 point for the lag issue
-.5 points for the battle UI

That’s it, those are the ONLY things I’ve found with this game that really annoy me, bother me, or are an actual issue. I helped support this game since the beginning, I have high hopes for it, and plan on investing quite a bit of time playing it. I will always be willing to ping pong ideas, throw feedback and suggestions around, and be a punching bag if need be.

Airship, stay AWESOME!

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Well written and I agree on most part, my issue is the UI. Have to sit 1m from my 65” to see all stuff Oo but love the game <3

@centrius You good sir, I am jealous of that 65" TV. Though mine isn’t so bad, being 4k and all.

@wikid_numb 65” AND 4K :wink: but still, I rather not sit 1m from the tv…

I can’t blame you on that one… I sit that close to multiple monitors at work all day long. Gets annoying.

I agree with this feedback. Text is to small on 4k 65". Lag during combat popup. Still a wonderful game, congrats I hope it sells well as we need more games like this.