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[PS4] Bestiary Trophy Bug and Airships not showing

Hi people from Airship Syndicate,

I just finished the game, and it was a lot of fun, and an amazing experience. And the art is awesome, as expected with Joe Madeira behind it.

But I guess picking up a game on launch does come with some bugs.

One of them that is really ruining it for me, is that I got the full bestiary, all 10 pages, and the trophy didn’t pop up! I did at the same time as I finished all the dungeons in legendary difficult, so I don’t know if this caused any conflict or not, but only the dungeon one popped up.

I´m on the beginning of a NG+ with every page filled, I don’t wanna have to start a third playthrough just to fill the whole thing up again, please fix this asap.

Another one that I found is that if you don’t complete the Vessel of War quest from The Dig, for some reason the bandits airships stop spawning, that’s really odd.

To sum it up, other than that, the game is really awesome and it was worth every penny. It does deliver the old school experience that was promised. I can’t wait for the next one. But I do hope you guys have more time to bug hunt it before your next launch. =P

My PSN user is RoniRechuem if it helps in anyway.

For the Bestiary you not only need the pages filled but you have to defeat a certain amount of enemies to fill in the details as well. I think there is a purple progression bar. It needs to be completely full. I have to beat 10 different enemies to completely fill the bar

All bosses requires 1 kill and the more tougher enemies about 3 to 5 and lesser enemies around 8-10 (maybe more) kills


Sh*t, I didn’t know that, I still had to kill a couple more Mana Devourers and Death Knights, and now I already started the NG+ and have to get all the way to the end again to find them. :tired_face:

Well I was going to finish the NG+ anyway. Thanks man.

It seems that I was wrong, I got all enemies bar completely filled but no trophy. Now I think all ??? has to be filled in as well.

Can some dev let us know if this trophy is bugged or not? I’ve seen some other people complaining about it as well

I asked someone who has the trophy what the requirements are and he had 7 enemies left with not all the loot drops revealed. When he filled the last knowledge bar the trophy popped.

Do you have all bars filled?

The Combat Knowledge Progress? The purple one? I have only yet to fill the Death Knight and Mana Devourer ones, but I have all the beast perks and revealed all of the monsters, but I’ll only get to meet Mana Devourers and Death Knights again when I reach the final parts of the game, and I’m still in the beginning of a NG+, so I won’t be able to test it for a while.

Yeah the knowledge progress.
Maybe the beastperks are needed for the 100% I just need 4 more mimics and 10 vampires but the spawnrate of those 2 monsters is really low for me. But I can’t find anyone else where the Big Game Hunter trophy doesn’t unlock.

I went over my bestiary about 10 times to see if one bar isn’t completely filled but can’t find one. (I did get a crash while going through the bestiary.

Well hopefully a dev can respond here and clear things up

Here is a youtube clip of my bestiary. All the Knowledge bars are full as well as all the beast perks.
But still no trophy. And I’m not gonna play through the game another 2 times. That’s just to much

We’ve heard some people notice a delay in the trophy unlocking. Have you logged in since the last time you played and finished completing all of the bestiary knowledge? We do a check to retroactively award achievements/trophies that should’ve been awarded when you load the game into the worldmap.

Yes I did but it won’t unlock. I even started playing New Game +. I have my normal save uploaded to the ps+ cloud just in case

Yes, me too, I have played several times in a NG+ after completing the bestiary and still no trophy, I think it´s a bug.

And I had a delay on many other trophies, but never like this.

Hopefully you can find a way to fix this. I have played halfway through the first dungeon in ng+. That should have been enough time for the game to check if the bestiary is complete. I hope you can fix this and that it unlocks after killing a random enemy. And not that it has to be done all over again.

How much I enjoy the game. There is no way I’ll play it three times in total

Sorry about that guys. We are looking into it

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it took me a while because the spawn rate of Death Knights for me was really low, and they were really hard to find, but after the latest update, I finally got the trophy on my NG+ after filling the purple bar of the Death Knights, dunno if the update had anything to do with it, but it seems to be working now, and yes you have to fill all the purple bars to unlock the trophy. Thanks guys

Nice to hear you got it. Did you have everything unlocked in the Bestiary? Including the item drops from all enemies?

I found this enemy in the arena. It is a clone from the Cadaverous boss. (Cadaverous boss battle)
This screen is taken from the battle it self. But it is not found in the bestiary menu
And the number slain stays at 0

Yes, I think so, all perks and everything

Could someone from Airship confirm that the item drops are needed for the 100% bestiary?
Cause I hear different things about it
Don’t know if this is helpfull but I have seen 2105 monsters and I have killed 2107 monsters

I’m having issues unlocking the big game hunter trophy. Can you please fix this as soon as possible? PSN Tenchu97