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[PS4] 2 Bugs Opening Hours


Encountered two bugs with the game so far.

In the opening dungeon, The Iron Outpost, the following happened:

  1. Overview: Black screen instead of cinematic for final boss of dungeon

  2. Overview: Overlay of event dialogue popup on battle screen

  3. Details: When coming to the trigger sequence for the cinematic for the final boss of the dungeon, the game started to become sluggish. The camera panned away from the player-controlled characters and toward the enemies. As the cinematic was supposed to start, a black screen was shown instead (assuming it was a cinematic).

  4. Details: Coming upon 3 chests locked away with 3 levers to pull, there is event dialogue popup to suggest the player’s action. However, enemies are also in this area. The game does not gracefully handle both. There is a possibility of the enemy attacking the player as the event dialogue popup appears. If this occurs, the dialogue will not disappear, but will overlay on the battle screen. The player will not be able to close the dialogue nor be able to engage in battle. The main menu is available, so the player will have to close the game and start back from the last save.

Hopefully these could be fixed with another patch.

Surely there are more event triggers this could occur. It would be good to program a fail-safe around this to suppress the dialogue so the battle may occur, then have the dialogue reappear, from the beginning. This would be preferred since you never know how long a battle will take.

Just some catches and a suggestion from a fellow software QA.

Thank you for such an awesome game; really enjoying the game so far!