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PS4 1.04 Patch notes

Great info, @Armored8! I did indeed find the bug and have found a fix! Going to be including it in the patch we’re testing.

Thank you very much!

The Bestiary trophy finally unlocked :slight_smile:

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Monika’s pistols from the Shadow Coin vendor vanished as well.

@Clavitz those are part of the same batch of items that went missing, so those will also be fixed

thanks man.

I appreciate all the work you guys are doing. I don’t even think some AAA companies would keep working on fixing things this far out.

I really hope there’s an expansion or Battle Chasers 2 in the works

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Hey guys, just an update:

Our QA is in the process of testing, looking for any hidden issues, so it’ll be just a couple more days. Just bear with us a little longer! We’re pretty confident everything will be A-OK, but this is why we have QA double check.

Thanks you so much for your patience!


Come here for the same question…

I started this game yesterday on the PS4 and sometime it stutters. :\ It’s small and not all the time but it happens.

Can we hope for the patch soon?

Well apparently not…

Hey you fantastic dev people you!

So I’m just getting back into the game… after some rather unkind technical difficulties.

With it having been so long, I started fresh with the most recent patch. For a reference point, I’m just now entering Junktown for the first time.

A few things I’ve noticed that were not there the first time through…

  1. When entering The Iron Outpost or Path of Fangs and you get to the loading screen, it stops. The loading bar does not fill, the game does not freeze, it just stops. Sounds still play, I still have full control over my PS4, it’s just that the dungeon will not load. The only way out of this is to go into the PS4 quick menu and close the application, thus losing any save information from the last save. While I love the opening video, having watched it almost a few dozen time today, I REALLY want a way to skip it.

  2. The boss encounter on Iron Outpost, the cut scene itself does not play (about half the time). You see your party boxes at the bottom, the screen goes black, and you hear the video, just cannot see it.

  3. When fighting groups that are lower level (where you confirm you want to fight a lower level encounter), about 25% of the time, the fight does not load. The screen “breaks”, the fight logo appears, and then a loading bar appears… this loading bar never loads. As with the first issue, the only way to get through this is to close the app and relaunch.

Other than this, I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it in the days to come… I absolutely LOVE this game. Love that I decided to back this project, and cannot praise you all enough for how awesome this is.

Other than being able to skip the intro video, I have nothing else to offer.

Hello everyone,
I’m new here so I can’t speak to what I don’t know to be broken, however I am experiencing an issue with the character select. I have seen pictures online that show there should be portraits when you go to select your team, but all I have are yellow squares. I also read that the collector is meant to sell fishing stuff? Well he never had that in my inventory. Other than that I think I only experienced one glitch where I obtained Monica and the screen just was blue.

Oh and I was talking to the one brother-merchant in the second dungeon, and while the menu was up an enemy encountered me and started a battle, but the shop menu was still up and it soft-locked my game.

Also, movies don’t seem to be loading properly…
I hope I can view them in the viewer or I’m missing out on a hude chunk of the story here.

Sorry but don’t even hope for a fix for any of yours issues most of the bug you report are in the game since the release and they even add new issues with most of the patch… there is literally always something who don’t work with this game and i’m tired of it

I have really try to give this game a chance because the game itself is really good but totally held back by random crash and many’s others issues !

Anyways i’m done with this game after 7 months and 5 or 6 patch it’s obvious there is nothing to hope from them and like many’s others i will avoid everything from them in the future.

Hey, Nemesis! We have a fix for the character select issue and Collector inventory and we hope the patch will be available soon to PS4 owners.

Are you unable to see any videos on PS4 at all? We do have a video playback option under Extras in the main menu, after you select a save slot, but we’re not aware of an issue that would cause videos to consistently fail to play. Could you provide any more details for us?

Hello, thank you for your reply.
So what would happen is everytime I went to any video, the screen would just turn blue, the character status bar would stay at the bottom, but the audio would load. Going to the event viewer in the one town wouldn’t work or looking at them under extras. So I saved and restarted my PS4 and that seemed to fix the video issue. So maybe it just needed to refresh? However, character screen is still bugged out.

I would also like to note since posting this, I have seen in the thread you have stated that Collector inventory is related to character level. I have seen his inventory change over my play time, so maybe the items I read about (i.e. fishing gear) maybe just isn’t available at my level, so I’m not sure that qualifies as a bug.

Hello everyone! Happy to announce Patch 1.05 is available for PS4 that fixes a number of issues. Full notes here: PS4 Patch 1.05 Notes

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Anyone else experiencing a glitched Skull of Caldeus? I ran the Deadwatch 6 times today and haven’t found it…

Nevermind, finally found it!
BTW thanks for patch 1.05! It’s nice to see the party select screen!

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