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PS4 1.04 Patch notes

Hey all, the console patches are finally here. Below you can find the patch notes for the PS4:

Changes for PS4 Patch 1.04:

New Features

  • Added a feature to replay video cutscenes you’ve already scene in the game. From your save profile, go to Extras->Cutscenes
  • Added option to enable/disable vibration function


  • The entire cast of Battle Chasers has wised up, and have learned how to use equipment that was previously beyond their skill level. This means: equipment no longer requires a minimum level to equip! This will improve the leveling curve, and make leveling up benched characters a smoother experience. To keep the game balanced, equipment drops and vendor inventories have been slightly readjusted.
  • The XP curve has been adjusted to alleviate stalling in mid-game dungeons.
  • Early game enemies have become more dangerous.
  • Several enemies in the game have had their abilities made more fair/balanced.
  • The Innkeeper has revised his tax plan, and the cost of reviving your party has been adjusted to be more lenient for the low-leveled and more demanding of the high-leveled.
  • New Game+ is harder. (Evil laugher)
  • Knolan’s starting level should be 11.
  • Innervating Mist has had its overcharge generation reduced slightly.


  • World Map performance improved.
  • Further improved overall stability.


  • Completing a dungeon in Mythic mode also counts toward the Completing all dungeons on Legendary achievement.
  • Airships now remain spawned on the World Map when they have been spawned prior from completing a dungeon.
  • Players can now flee from Hunt bosses if they realize they’re in over their heads. You will flee back to the World Map when you try to escape from a Hunt encounter.
  • Hunt Quests have had their levels adjusted slightly to give players better warning about their difficulty.
  • Dungeons no longer magically uncomplete themselves when quitting to the Main Menu after completing them.
  • Loot should not be assigned to empty bins if there is no loot.
  • Fixed some of Monika’s abilities that were not critting properly.
  • Garrison’s Rupture Ability will stop falling over after 3 turns and last its full 5 turns.
  • Slimes no longer behave like molasses, but like gelatin. Thus, they play their animations much more quickly.
  • We put a stop to the time travel occurring when quitting the game from a completed dungeon. Loading back in to the save will now progress to the next day.
  • The boss the Dig in Mythic difficulty is now at its proper level.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented perks from updating correctly when swapping equipment.


  • The UI has received a scale-up and contrast adjustments across the board, to make text more visible on screens of differing sizes and distances.
  • Switching characters while viewing a Mastery perk will update the UI accordingly with the next character’s Mastery Perk.
  • We added an entry for the highest difficulty completed for a dungeon in the Dungeon Codex.
  • You will not get a Legendary Dungeon warning for a dungeon in progress.
  • Skipping through the Combat Victory screens now appropriately skips the reveal animation for your loot so you can see it before you exit combat.
  • You now get toasts for loot obtained when skipping the Combat Victory screen altogether.
  • Incorrect/non-working button prompts in the Compendium, Game Manual and in Fishing have been fixed.
  • In some cases the Compendium would flicker open and closed when you pressed your controller buttons just so. This has been fixed.
  • The Bestiary Entry progress bar has been made less visually noisy.
  • Minor UI fixes.


  • Various minor fixes.

General Bug Fixes

  • Added a fix that retroactively awards you the 100% Bestiary Completion achievement if it was not awarded to you properly on earning it.
  • Players who were missing Caldeus’s skull and the Alpha Core despite having defeated the appropriate enemies should now be able to find them in their inventory.
  • Players who defeated Bhargus but did not receive the Purgatory Stone should now find it in their inventory.
  • Fishing lines have been polished.
  • Fishing in general has been polished.
  • Fix for hang when accessing the Tolkas Arena.
  • Cinematic video sound is now tied to the Music volume in options, so you can keep the Voice high and better listen to dialogue over the music and sound effects.

This is great stuff! After I finished the game to my satisfaction, I never went back to check, but on PS4 can you now skip the intro as soon as it starts instead of having to wait for Gully to launch her attack?


I’ve downloaded the patch 1.04 for my PS4 today, and I’ve noticed some problems:

  • In the party selection at the Inn, it’s showing only big yellow squares, and not the character’s portraits
  • I’ve completed The Dig on Legendary, and the final cut-scene didn’t play, the screen just goes black and I can only hear the voices of the characters.

That’s what I’ve seen so far.

Thank you for this game, I’m really enjoying it.

Thanks for the heads up, @Aritias; we’re looking into this!

The collector doesn’t sell fishing material anymore i mean he does at the beginning of the game but i have finish the iron outpost and now even the little fishing symbol in the collector UI is completely gone. There is a fix for that? or this is a new bug?

and the post from Aritias is really scary don’t tell me the pink/black screen issue is still in the game…

So with the “Choose Party Members” menu, are the big yellow squares supposed to be blank or should they have the characters picture in them? It lags a lot for me also while doing this.

are you going to fix this fast? We have wait for MONTHS because you wanted take your time and be sure to not introduce new issues… good job , i have an extremely annoying bug right at the beginning of the game.

So again we have to wait for your good will to play this game in normal conditions , unbelievable after 6 months

It looks like the issue with the character portraits in character select was something that snuck in at the last minute. We’ve got a fix, and it shouldn’t take too long to test. We’ll try hard to fast-track a patch, and hopefully have it online by Friday.

Sorry about that!

In the meantime, you should still be able to switch party members, you just won’t see the small view of their portraits. When you select them, you should still see who’s who.

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there’s also a graphical issue with monika’s bombs just being a green circle. also when i was switching characters in a dungeon there was a delay and purple effect that made about a half circle around the base of the model.

The collector doesn’t sell fishing material anymore i mean he does at the beginning of the game but i have finish the iron outpost and now even the little fishing symbol in the collector UI is completely gone.

Can i hope for a fix for this issue too? this is really annoying because if i am correct he sell the best fishing equipments…

are you the appropriate level though? or is progression through the story?

The fishing equipments from the collector was always available right at the beginning and i am 100% sure it was the case again when i have start the game but now everything related to fishing in the collector UI is completely gone so i guess it is a bug or else it make no sense.

I have only finish lycelots dungeon (i don’t know the name in english) after restarting the game 4 times since the release hoping to be finally able to enjoy this good game without issues but is not for this time from what i read here.

ah! i know what you mean now.

i was thinking of the legendary versions being locked behind the wall.

yeah same it’s not showing for me either.

For those of you concerned about the Collector not selling fishing equipment anymore, he will get it in stock now when it is level appropriate. Equipment no longer has a level restriction, so some vendors’ inventory will change to reflect that, and high level gear will not be available at the start of the game.

[Edit] I went into the files to double check the level requirement on this item. It’s considered a level 27 item, and the collector will get it in stock when you reach level 24.

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Sorry, @thebigjb, the reason for this is because some loading we cannot cut has to occur before loading into the Main Menu. If we allowed people to skip the video from the beginning, they’d just be staring at a loading screen. We tried out both ways and thought watching the intro for a bit was a better experience than watching a bar slowly tick up. We hope you agree!

Thank for the explanation but you can test it yourself when you start a new game the fishing equipment are in the Collector inventory , i could even buy the bait or the rod if i wanted the first time than i have check her inventory and they have disappear after a while making the thing confusing

Great info, @Armored8! I did indeed find the bug and have found a fix! Going to be including it in the patch we’re testing.

Thank you very much!

The Bestiary trophy finally unlocked :slight_smile:

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Monika’s pistols from the Shadow Coin vendor vanished as well.