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Problems moving from HDD (external) to SSD

I am facing this error while I am trying to move my Fortnite from the hard drive to the SSD, I don’t have any idea about how to launch the game. I am seeing all the files including EpicGamesLauncher.exe file and all other files that include launcher/.exe. Bur When I double click on the file, none of them is opening up.

Any Ideas guys? I have even tried to reinstall the Epic Games launcher only into my SSD, but every time it says there is already a preexistence file and therefore it won’t work either.
(even though I’ve searched through my entire PC and not found that file causing it not to work)

Thanks for any help provided.

I have recently bought a new Hard drive from Amazon. see here the picture -

PS. Now when launching Epic Games after replugging in my external hard drive, it is asking to install it on my SSD when the files are on my harddrive??

Hi Matt,
Hum… Fortnite? Epic Games?
I don’t know how you arrived on that forum but you are not at the right place.
Change Fortnite by “Battle Chasers NightWar” and Epic Games by “Airship Syndicate” and you will have more chance to find a solution :rofl: