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Preemptive Healing Perk and "Most Damaged" Definition

About 3 hours into the game, and really liking it!

The auto heals and shields seem to never hit my assumed target. “Most Damaged” looks to be defined as least HP, which in my case means garrison is getting all my heals and shields, but hes at 100% full hp!!

I think “Most Damaged” should mean the character with lowest % hp, not lowest flat hp.

Just my two cents, very happy I backed this game!


This I definitely agree with!

Currently, Damage shields with that functionality will always look for least health even if they are at max (since they are technically closest to death and theres no wasted overhealing). If it is a heal, it will look for the lowest health person that is not at full health.

In that case you should change the ability/perk descriptions cause “most damaged” is very misleading in this case. Just change the descriptions to one with lowest amount of health rather than “Most Damaged” that gives the impression of character that has taken the most damage or or what kvaliton suggested.


When an ability says “most damaged” it should do what it says. It should hit the person who has taken the most damage percentage of there health. I don’t understand how you come up with it meaning the person with the lowest health as “most damaged” There is no ambiguity in the statement “ the most damaged” it should do what it says or change it to say “ lowest health “.