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Possible xbox one patch game breaking

So was continuing my way through NG+ and tried Strongmont in Mythical. Was too tough due to update. so went down to legendary. I went through dungeon and get ready to fight bhargus. i skip through the dialogue and I see the lich say “the master will see you.” then THATS IT. music still plays but nothing happens all screen motion stops and it accepts no inputs. just sits there. I restarted 3 times. each timing killing the sub lich again only to get same results. Going to try resetting the dungeon. will let you know but as of right now I CANT FIGHT BHARGUS!

did you let the dialog auto continue?

i had issues like this on the ps4 version and it stopped happening when i didnt press anything and let the dialog continue on it’s own.

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I tried once more by making a save after last Lich and tried different oarty. I’ll try that now before resetting dungeon

Well the dialogue doesn’t automatically go but I allowed time to pass and it worked. But still a bug

Interesting. Sorry this happened to you; we’re glad you found a workaround. Thanks for the report, @J-Squared; we’ll look into this.