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Possible Bug Quessvala Event

Not sure if this is a bug or not but i just completed a Quessvala? event (giant spider that drops down after you snuff out 3 torches in the Dig) where 2 of her spawned into the fight possibly a bug maybe not.

ive only done this one about 4 times before so i may have been lucky up until now and not seen it either way its a nasty fight massive damage and the stun locks- cause they were tag teaming with the web shot thingy to stun my healer. That fight sent me scarpering back to the inn :smiley:

Was about to create a new post as this happened to me too.

First time I got to her everything seemed normal. Torches out, her character appers and the fight starts. When I defeated her however, her model appeared again and I got a second fight against her.

Last night this happened:

one question… how many “spider claw” relic you get from those fights ?

got 2 relics in both situations

i also received two spider relics as well for my fight against quessvala and her clone