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Pledge items and add-ons

I thought I would create a topic to discuss pledge items people have picked up and are looking forward to. Plus any add-ons you may have purchased.

Have any of you picked up extra items with your pledge? I was hoping to get a sketchy edition but it was way out of my price range. Still hoping to one day have an original piece of Joe Mad work.

Anyway, I opted for the signed print as an add-on to fill my need for more Joe Mad artwork. Have any of you picked up any add-ons? I was tempted by the t-shirt too but ended up leaving it for now…

I mean… the digital art book was kind of a no-contest add for me.


Having my name recongised for helping funding a game won me

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Well I pledged for the collectors edition, because I wanted that physical artbook :smile:
But I’m not sure how I get the Add-Onsc was there a survey for them?

I’ve got a Battle Chasers tshirt from Gamescom :3

Wanted to check if I could upgrade my pack on the website but it’s not available anymore…

You had to pledge extra money for the add-ons. There was a set price and then a delivery charge too.

I pledged extra money, but I can’t remember if there was a survey for choosing which add-on I want.

Literally all of it … :confounded:

When choosing platform I also got an option to choose what add-on I would be spending the extra money on. It was further down the page. The option should still be there if you check on your account.

The way add ons work is a little ambiguous. When you pledged, you had to do your own math based on which add-ons you wanted, then increase your pledge amount. Then in the survey, you’re given the chance to specify how you planned to use the extra funds. It’s a little messy.

I’d love to see Kickstarter create a real system for making an add-on store that allows people to click buttons and place add-ons in a cart, which would let project creators export easy lists of exactly who ordered what. Maybe someday.

In the meantime, it does make things a little messy. We’ll get through it though!


My copy of the Kickstarter was a gift from my wife. She was a little disappointed because it was a birthday gift and didn’t realize the turn over time with Kickstarter projects. I was/am thrilled with the gift, the only thing that has been a little difficult is managing the pledge since it was started under my wife’s account.

Getting to the point. I see on the Battle Chasers account management that my code was claimed June 21, 2016. Does that mean I’m clear as far as the survey is concerned or is there another way to confirm that my survey was completed correctly?

Looking forward to the swag! Shirt, map, art… -sigh-

Oh man, I don’t know how I missed the add-on info back in the day. I would have snatched up that shirt for sure! Oh well. Next game Airship does! :smile:

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Hey Kanis, not sure on the survey. Best bet is to get the login info from your wife and check to make sure the survey is filled out to your liking. Any problems with it, let us know: Thanks to both of you!

Someday we’d like to have shirts up for sale in general, so stay tuned!


Great to hear there may be t-shirts up for sale in the future. Myself and probably many others would pick one up. It would be great to have some Joe Mad artwork on there with the Battle Chasers title on it. Great to have so many questions being answered on here by the way. Really refreshing and yet another reason to love this Kickstarter campaign.

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