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PlayStation 4 Technical Problem Update

Unfortunately I’ve just joined you in the corrupted saved data team. :frowning:

Hey, @Chaedog. We’re really very sorry about this. We know how frustrating it is to buy a game that crashes constantly at release, and nobody is more familiar with the distress this causes than us, who entered the games industry thinking we wanted to make things bigger and better.

We did pretty thorough testing on this game on all platforms with a sizeable QA team, and these issues have come as a massive surprise to us. This experience has helped us identify where our testing pipeline really needs to improve.

We understand if you decide you want to sell the game. If you stick with us, however, we have our next PS4 patch in the hands of QA now that comes with a host of fixes and includes extensive save protection, and we’re very close on the heels of the crash that’s been plaguing everyone on PS4. We will do right by our players.


At first i felt a bit ripped off when it got unplayable for me. However i really like this game and after spending some time here in the forums and see a good communication from your side im cooled down down and patiently waiting for a good update. Keep it up and thanks!


Wtf, calm down dude?!
You clearly don’t know how patching works. It’s not just done by finding the error. It could be that the game was perfectly fine and something in the day one patch messed everything up. Programming is complicated and if you feel like blaming someone, blame Sony for not greenlighting the patch they send them earlier (even that would be unjustified tho).
Airship is clearly doing everything they can right now - why would you condemn a small studio and judge them for the first game they ever made as a team? Just check out Bethesda and all the crap they pull when it comes to bugs (Skyrim 6 years old now and still releasing with old bugs).


Hurry up guys, I wanna play this game! :smiley:


Thanks for the update @ortizgames I really do like the look of the game but just don’t want to take the chance at losing my save data. I’ll hang on another week hopefully you’re solution to prevent corrupted data will have gone through by then.

Thanks, @Chaedog; the patch is really close now!

@ortizgames So it might come today? The patch that is.

@AllDay Our QA is testing it, then it needs to be approved by Sony. Not today, but hopefully soon after!

Ok thx just keep us updated in off on Friday and Saturday so I’m hoping I can play this weekend!

First of all I would like to say that I absolutely love this game! I have been looking for an RPG with traditional turn based combat for a while and this game is satisfying that need! With that being said, I have also never seen a more bug riddled mess since I’ve been gaming. I have experienced so many crashes that I lost count (luckily no corrupted saves, but here’s hoping, right), and yesterday I had to reboot the game when it failed to load into a dungeon. I appreciate the transparency that Airship Syndicate is showing, and it should be an example that other developers follow in the future, but I question whether this game went through any type of QA at all. I am personally tired of being developer’s QA staff, to which I am not being paid mind you. I don’t care how much transparency a company is showing or how much the game costs (I’ve seen this mentioned in arguments) I expect a game to, at the very least, work without me having to sit on pins and needles wondering when the game is going to crash next and hoping that little airship in the corner is not on screen when it does. Again, love the game, but these bugs are ridiculous. Sorry, I will get off my soapbox now.


I’m genuinely surprised that this is the most “bug riddled mess” you’ve ever played. Consider yourself lucky. There have been quite a few triple A games that have been released in recent years that were virtually unplayable. Arkham Knight, Batllefield 4, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Skyrim, etc.

Considering this game was funded via Kickstarter and the team is only a handful of people, I think this game is in pretty good shape. I’m not saying it’s okay to release a game that crashes or has other serious problems, but when it comes to smaller issues, you must know that a few QC people cannot possibly account for the amount of weird things that thousands or even millions of people might run into, right?

As annoying as these crashes and other random things are or worse yet, having your save get corrupted, it is refreshing to see the devs doing their best to be transparent and work as quickly as they can.

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I agree with everything that you posted. I’m going on 6 days without playing for fear of a save data corruption. As much as I like the game, all of the issues combined have ruined it for me. On top of that, no one can give us an answer on when we can expect a patch.

Going on 2 days wait for my support ticket to get answered as well. Let’s see how long that takes to get a reply. My first ticket got lost somehow and had to submit a second one.

They couldn’t find a bug that causes a game to crash all the time? We are not talking about an isolated incident here, but crashing that is affecting every single person who is playing this game on PS4. Let me help them out. Step 1: Turn on PS4 Step 2: Insert game disc or boot downloaded game Step 3: Play game…crash, reboot game…crash Step 4: Rinse and repeat Step 5: Houston, we have a problem!

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Well, I just came off of playing Sundered (another crowd funded game) and it crashed all the time too. Apparently, it makes it through testing, yes. Like I said, I’m not excusing an issue like that, but there are several games that had a hell of a lot more money, time and people working on them that made it through in worse shape.

At least, they’re keeping us up to date. Also, I’m really liking the patch notes they’ve got so far. Looks like some solid improvements.

Why not just back up your save on a USB or to the cloud? If you want to play, it’s a simple catch all.

I shouldn’t have to is why. That and I use a PS4 and have no thumb drives.


I’ve been lucky enough to be playing 60 hrs and no corrupt save. However this game is so sweet I would do it all again :joy: don’t freak out people, I’m glad to see airship is so dedicated and cares, that makes me a loyal supporter. keep up the good work, and the game can only get better, can’t get any worse.


I own this game, just bought it on psn for ps4. I havn’t played yet at all due to reading all the bugs. Made this account to see updates, will this post be updated when the Ps4 on psn update is released? I am anxiously waiting.

It should be, and I just had my game start pulling version 1.02 down on PSN. 2.158GB patch, so I assume this is the fix. :slight_smile:

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Size is bigger than we thought, but yeah, this is the first patch to address the issues. We’ll make an official post shortly, but we’d appreciate hearing if you’re able to continue your game smoothly. This patch should:

  • Greatly reduce the crashes (we’re still working on killing them 100%)
  • Nearly eliminate any video weirdness (pink videos, or videos playing black)
  • Stop save corruption (this was the #1 priority for obvious reasons)
  • Plus all of the same balance and quality of life fixes that are already live on Steam (most notable is the grinding curve getting flattened a bit during mid-game)

Would be a big help if anyone downloading the patch could let us know if their saves load up and things continue smoothly!