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PlayStation 4 Technical Problem Update

Update 10/11:
We’ve sent off a build to QA tonight. If they find no blockers, we can shoot it to sony for cert.

Update 10/10:
We’re making good headway on a solution for the bug, and are optimistic we can get it to Sony for testing soon. We’re also trying to add additional safeguards that’ll make it far less likely for saves to be corrupted during any crash, just in case a fluke bug happens after the patch. Thanks for all the patience and support everyone, we’re making progress!

Hey everyone,

We wanted to provide a status update on the PlayStation 4 crashing issue. First of all, we’re extremely sorry this problem exists. We’ve been sleepless trying to identify just how this could slip through into release. Our team was working throughout the weekend to produce a reliable repro case that creates usable crash dumps from dev kits, and we now think the cause has been found. Which means we can shift focus towards a solution.

Save Data Backup

The worst part of the problem is definitely the potential save data corruption. So in the interim, please read through this thread about backing up saves:

If you experience the issue, we’d appreciate some info on your experience here. We think we’ve got it nailed, but more info always helps.

What’s Happening Next

We’ll try to be as transparent as we can about what’s going on. Here’s the scoop:

  1. With the problem found, we’re implementing a fix (already in progress)
  2. The patch goes through a real QA pass (fast and intense to make sure the fix is verified, but quickly)
  3. The patch is sent to Sony for official approval (we can’t put it live until Sony approves it)
  4. With approval, the patch is released ASAP

So it’s a tricky balancing act between getting the thing fixed and live as soon as humanly possible while ensuring the changes don’t introduce new bugs.

We’ll let you guys know as soon as things start moving through the process, whenever we can. We know this isn’t an acceptable situation and are working like mad to fix it.

Thank you for hanging with us,
-Ryan & the team


Thanks for the hard work guys, we’ll hang tight with bated breath but would be useful to know exactly what issues are being addressed / fixed with the new patch, as I for one have come across many varied problems apart from the crashes, couple vids are below for example:

Icons -
Sewer -


Thank you! Perhaps this topic should be pinned?

Thanks a lot for this update :slight_smile:

If we have corrupt save data is it best to delete it or is there a chance it is recoverable?
thanks for the update!

I don’t think u can recover corrupted data, sry that’s why I’m holding off playing even though I really want to play the game cause it is fun

Just keep hammering away guys! Any chance you could make the chaoseater avaliable for thoes of us who gotta replay due to save corruption? I know a little boost early game would make replaying those first few hours a little better :sweat_smile:

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Cheers for the hard work, guys and girls at Airship.

Heck yeah. Great job guys. Thank you for your hard work.

Thanks for the update, I look forward to the patch. I love this game, you guys did great!

Thanks for being upfront about it. I’ll try to wait patiently for a fix to delve back in :slight_smile:

Cool, I’m holding steady at the Dig and will wait for the patch to continue. Thanks for your hard work.

Hey guys, added an update on our progress to the original post. Thanks for hanging in there.

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Awesome to see the team being open and communicative with the issues!

Hey guys! Made another update about this on the original post:

Apologies for the jumping back and forth between threads. Thanks again for all your patience!

Just lost my 60hr play time lv.26 party save :sob::sob::sob:

I think I’m just going to sell this game…I bought this game to have something fun to play while I wait for Destiny 2 to drop on PC and since you still haven’t fixed the PS4 crashes the game is completely unplayable for me, what a waste of money, I’ll be sure to remember this studio name and to not bother buying games from you in the future…Sony needs better quality standards for companies before they can release games.

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Slight overreaction there Chae, if you’d read a few of the topics here you’d realise that the Airship team is pretty devastated & are working hard to get that patch out.

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I’m aware they are working on it what I’m saying is I pre-ordered the game thinking it’d be enjoyable game to play for a month before I had other games to play. They shouldn’t have released this game without more testing. I’m just glad I bought a physical copy so I can sell it for what I paid for it (Amazon prime discount game was only $23.99).

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