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Pirate ships extremely rare or plain bugged

Hey guys. Been a while since I finished the game and really want to come back and do all the trophies aswell. I’m ready for ng+ except I was missing one enemy, pirate shaman. Anything been done to pirate ship spawn rates? After beating the game and pirate bosses from few of those flying ships I just couldn’t spawn another ship, no matter what I did. I did 1st dungeon over and over again, rested, teleported around… No ships anywhere. Tried arena aswell, lots of shades of Belevros but not one pirate shaman. I’m clueless, any ideas? Cba to do another playthrough for one enemy if in any case same would happen in ng+ :slight_smile: , wanna get the misc stuff out of way and focus just playing the ng+. Cheers.

Based on a reply from an Airship team member (That I can’t find at the moment) I think the airships fly in from the waters off the map edges. After beating a dungeon, wait around for a bit and you might find them when you blink around. That’s what I did a couple of times and managed to get the remaining 3 bestiary entries that I needed from the Sky Pirates.

Did you beat the final pirate boss? Are you going to different areas of the map?

I did beat the final boss and all those pirate ship bosses, been going around the map aswell. Used to get spawns around junkyard, final dungeon and south east corner, not anymore. Was wondering if killing the pirate ship named bosses ended my ship spawns, for the “No parley” trophy…

Once you defeat the final pirate boss, they do not spawn anymore. You have to fight the regular non-boss ones to find him. I don’t think he spawns in the arena (not 100% on that, but it’s unlikely). I’m afraid the only way to get him to spawn is by doing another playthrough.

Thought they’d stopped spawning completely too, just wanted confirmation. Gotta avoid killing pirate boss on ng+ then. Thanx for the info guys! :slight_smile: