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Pirate Captain - No Parley Achievement

Anyone had any luck finding this guy? I’ve killed all his lieutenants and captains, and the Behemoth. Fought another 20+ airships after that. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s even tied to the airships at all.


No luck here. I’m having issues consistently finding the airships though. Only seem to show up when it’s going to cause the most trouble

he looks like the bartender at the pointe break cantina

I finally found him. I just kept clearing dungeons so the airships would respawn and he was up by the Mana Rifts dungeon after 21 total airship kills. I don’t know if you need to kill 20 for him to spawn or if my RNG luck is just bad and he could spawn at any time. Good luck.

Once you kill the 3rd captain and clear the crimson garden he should show up around nights keep

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Yup I finished Crimson garden and saw him spawn at Night Keep