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Piercing damage(?) and Callibretto battle skills

I noticed before that bleeds and poisons deal piercing damage, but didn’t find any information about what that is.
Physical damage is mitigated by Phys Def and amplified by Sunder.
Magic damage is mitigated by Magic Def and amplified by Arcane Sickness.
So does piercing damage not have any mitigation/amplification?

That would make the decision between Calibretto’s skills even more interesting.

Solo target and have the time? Go for Wild Fire.
Multiple targets, or need a faster skill, and the enemy has Sunder debuff? Obliterate!
High armor? Piercing Rounds.

I know for a fact that enemies that get buffs when hit (like the Lycelote berserker), will benefit from getting hit 8 times (40% extra dmg)! But I wonder if Gaia’s Grasp will proc 8 times, or if the Earth Elemental will get stunned (hard to test the last one coz I just one shot them now even with no gear on).

You are correct in that piercing damage ignores damage mitigation! Great for bosses or enemies with really high Defense. (it will also bypass things like the monk’s defensive stance or the wargolem lancer’s Guardian Stance etc)