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Physical Update (print add-on)

Hey airship, i had a little bit of a concern with my add-on print. I just noticed you guys updated with what the add-on print was gonna be, and… well i already have that print signed, it came with the Battle Chasers Anthology book (which itself was prett dang expensive)

So that kinda bums me out that i paid an additional 85-90 bucks on kickstarter for something i already have… (i assumed it would be a Nightwar Print not the Anthology print)
Is there anything that can be done?

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I have to admit that when I red:
Exclusive 8.5x11" Art Print Signed by Joe Mad
(Add-on exclusive - not in any tiers)

I thought it would be a brand new art from the game
Now I understand it’s an “Add-on exclusive”

That print was included in the Battle Chasers Anthology Hardcover book of 2011 ( so it’s still very rare!
I don’t have that print myself so it’s ok for me but I understand your situation.

… that being said I suppose the one you will receive won’t be folded :wink:

You know, we figured a lot of backers that chose this add-on would also be BC fans, so we went with a classic BC print… forgetting it had already been issued. Knowing that, I think we will change it to something else.

We’ll let you guys know what we decide. Thanks for the note!



Oh man you guys rock! Thanks so much, i was reeeeeally looking forward to this add-on so this news is great!

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But you know what? @strangelove @SomaXD
What would be cool would be a Joe Mad shop with all his prints for sale! :wink:

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Yes, an online store to order all prints would be all kinds of amazing! Lol

@strangelove I always thought the print would be that art Joe drew a long time ago but that we have never seen in HD and colored!

would love this one, it was very limited and never got a chance to get one