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Physical Rewards to all Backers Please

After contacting support several days ago I just found out that backers who do not live in Europe or America are not allowed to partake in the physical upgrade offer, the first kickstarter I’ve come across that does not support all their backers! Feels like a slap in the face. Very, very, very disappointed and never would have expected this from Airship Syndicate. Please have this rectified and show some decency and appreciation to all your backers. Thank you

@Darkon, you have to understand that the physical game copy was not part of the original Kickstarter. It is something that was only made possible after Airship Syndicate partnered up with their publisher, THQNordic. The developers had no obligation to their backers to make physical copies available, it is merely something that decided to do out of their own generosity and appreciation to their supporters. As such, rather than ordering a copy via Amazon, they were taking a loss on each physical copy by having them shipped directly to their office and repackaging them to send out to us.

For all we know, the money they asked us to chip in for the upgrade and the shipping may not even cover the expense of obtaining the physical copies and shipping them out in a manner that will get them to us on or near launch. Shipping to some countries can be a nightmare, both logistically and monetarily, so I don’t fault them for limited where they could send these copies. It’s quite possible, depending on where you live, that merely purchasing a copy for yourself on Amazon may be less expensive than using Airship as a middle man.

Understand that, while Joe Madureira may be a famous comic book artist, this doesn’t imply that he is incredibly wealthy. While the pedigree here may be exceptional, this is still a small independent game development studio. There were probably many sleepless nights and meals of instant noodles in order to deliver this game under budget. Heck, this close to launch, they’re probably sleeping even less! Any added costs this late in the game will definitely put pressure on their dwindling finances. Sure, it would have been awesome if they could have offered the upgrade to every backer everywhere in the world, but we have to be thankful that it was offered to anyone at all.

For what it’s worth, I’m sorry you weren’t eligible to take advantage of the offer. I hope you can still get a physical copy through other means.

Hi James,
Thanks for getting back to me. I can understand where you’re coming from and I think the only way I can get past this is if once Airship Syndicate complete Battle Chasers they then go on to produce an RPG for Tekkaman! Okay, kidding! Sorry, I understand where you are coming from. I guess I was just being a sook. Nice to see a fellow Tekkaman fan though, I’m sure you know where I got my profile name from.

I would certainly support Airship Syndicate’s as-of-yet unannounced Tekkaman Blade game. I’m glad I was able to calm you down a bit. Having said that, I will never forgive you for what you did to my family! I won’t rest until every Venomoid has been eradicated!

"Easier said than done Teknoman Blade - What’s that? Sabre’s crystal!"
I could recite so many episodes word for word!

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I live in Europe (UK) still no option to upgrade…

@neillaw - I am not sure it is still possible to upgrade. Can anyone confirm this?

That would be an extreme disappointment considering I only received the email on the 25th to advise of entering my info and it wasn’t available then, plus the account page still refers to an upgrade…

Tekkaman Blade! Can you be the hero you are and help us backers that weren’t allowed to receive a physical upgrade! I put in a request several days ago to pay the physical upgrade just so I could get an extra Steam key? Sounds fair right? Sure, don’t send me a physical copy but give me the extra Steam key for the physical upgrade price since it still works out cheaper but looks like you guys won’t do that for us either. For the love of your backers please help out! Show respect for your oldest brother!

Even if I were willing to put our differences aside, @Darkon, I am not affliciated with the Airship Syndicate team. Now, if you needed any help destroying yourself and your children, I can most certainly assist with that.