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Physical Copy Upgrade

Ok, give it anoher shot @SomaXD and @trmays

Hey becomm, it’s limited by time, not quantities. Since we aren’t a distributor we don’t really have the resources to carry it on for long, but want to give our backers a shot at the physical version at least once. So yeah, as long as you get in while it’s open, there will be some available! Thanks!


Worked for me. Thanks!

That worked. Thanks!

Will the phyical copies be shipped in order to be delivered on release day?

That’s certainly what we’re aiming for.

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Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply!

I can’t get anything to show up on the upgrade page. It says showing 0 of 0 results. I believe I have redeemed everything necessary.

worked… awesome! thank you!

I have to say it’s really disappointing that as a backer i am being charged $7.50+$10.00 for s/h as well as the money i backed with and now it is being sold on Amazon for $25.00 and free s/h and i’m paying almost $50.00…

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yeah why are we being charged additional shipping ?

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Adding a question to the topic, what’s the physical copy composed of ? Is it just a box with a disk or a code or will it have a booklet with it or anything else ?

I just got the email to upgrade, but on the Upgrade page, there isn’t anything for me to select to upgrade to a physical copy. Is this because I selected the Switch platform?

same to me … if i upgrade my pledge to physical, my copy is 10$ more expensive than amazon … (i’m from france)

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I’m from Brazil is there any limit here, I bought a really big pledge, so I’m wondering why am I being charged 14,50 for my pledge?

I would love to know what’s inside the physical version too! Just the box can be nice, but with shipping it would be a nice and expensive empty box (On pc at least :sweat_smile:)

Also, the system doesn’t redirect me back to my inventory.

I dont see any upgrading option…i did unlock everything (Game, wallpaper, comic) and nothing popped up.,… :frowning:

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Same for me, I seem to have unlocked/redeemed everything but it’s showing 0 of 0 items on the upgrades page. I’ve ordered it on PS4 and from the UK, any help?

Hey, I am unable to upgrade to a physical copy as well. The tier I backed on Kickstarter was the “Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Personal Edition)”. I’ve already redeemed the key in the “Codes and Inventory” section.

Also I’m seeing people have to pay for shipping for the physical upgrade, wouldn’t shipping costs be included for anyone that backed a tier that includes physical items?