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Physical Copy Upgrade

I was wondering if they have sent out the information for the physical copy upgrade?

We’re working on that info right now. Should be available tomorrow!


Sweet, and thanks for the quick response.

Any word on whether or not there will be a Collector’s Edition?

No Collector’s Ed, sadly. Couldn’t get it together in time.

The Physical Artbook Collectors
Edition tier won’t be available?

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I think they meen, that you can’t Upgrade on to a Collectors Edition.

Hope I won’t miss it!!
…as I understand quantities will be limited :sweat:

This is dope news tho.

Yay I love limited quantities

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I would be willing to have an after launch Collectors edition :smiley:

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Physical upgrades are live now. We’ll be sending an e-mail about it in a few hours, but you guys can jump on and check it.

To upgrade, you need to:

  1. Have a Kickstarter package on your account
  2. Unlock the package in your Codes and Inventory
  3. In your survey, there’s a link you can click to go to the upgrade page. Or just visit

Appreciate everyone hanging with us on this! We didn’t anticipate doing a physical version, and so coordinating that for our backers as a small team has been tricky, but hope it’s smooth for everyone.

The upgrade is only available in North American and Europe as well. Too tough for us to get the shipping setup for other regions.

Thanks all!

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Is this not available for Nintendo Switch? I followed the instructions, but no option on the upgrade link

Should be there. Do you have Switch selected as your platform in the survey?

Yes. I have 0 of 0 in search history on upgrade page

Do you see any platforms available? If not, you may need to go into your Codes and Inventory and click “unlock” on the Kickstarter package first.

I unlocked everything, but still a no-go.

I’ve tried following the instructions as well, but I’m still getting “Showing 0 of 0” when I visit

Unlocked the Kickstarter package and selected Switch on the survey, but no luck. I have also tried switching to PS4 on the survey, and changing the country from the full name (Canada) to the country code (CA) since I figured it may be limited by region.

thats exactly what im seeing as well…

Ok cool. Something must be up. We’ll look into it, thanks guys!

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